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January 8, 2008

Arctic Monkeys – Glasgow ABC 14/10/05

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Any band that have “Guns of Navarone” by The Specials as their intro theme get the thumbs up in my book, and, thankfully, young Sheffield upstarts, Milburn, live up to this expectation. Delivering a punchy set of skanking goodness, this exciting act are certainly worthy support for the hottest new band in Britain.

Few new acts would have the swaggering confidence to throw away their two singles as the first two songs in the set, yet Arctic Monkeys know they have the songs to keep any crowd engaged for hours and deliver a blistering set that doesn’t let up in quality for a second.

Arriving with the kind of hype not seen since Pete and Carl decided it was time for heroes, it’s easy to dismiss Arctic Monkeys as just another band built up by the NME who, in the end, prove soulless and not worthy of the attention (see The Others), yet a band who can put on a live show like this are worthy of all the praise lathered so thickly on them.

There’s already a mosh pit one chorus into “I Bet That You Look Good On The Dancefloor”, the whole crowd seeming to join in and think that the title’s about them. “Fake Tales of San Francisco” follows, it’s anti-fashion message resonating throughout the venue as the entire audience chants, “Get off the bandwagon, put down the handbook!”

This worshipping crowd seem to know every word and every note of every song, quite impressive for a band only just about to release their second single. Eventually lead singer, Alex Turner, gives up trying to compete, allowing the audience to do the honours for the first verse of set highlight “When The Sun Goes Down.” Of course, when the chorus kicks in, the whole polo-shirted crowd move as one dancing mess, leading to the inevitable mass domino style toppling over.

A ruddy marvelous gig, with “Vampires” sounding epic, “A Certain Romance” a perfect closer, and every single person in the audience having the night of their lives. Arctic Monkeys – believe the hype.


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