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January 8, 2008

Arctic Monkeys Interview 14/10/05

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Experimental Music Lover: So you’re playing Glasgow ABC tonight. How have your previous encounters with Scottish audiences been?

Andy: Good yeah, on the first tour we played Glasgow and Edinburgh and
they were both really good. The fans were good, we sold both out. Went
well, really well.

EML: A lot of people have been asking about your name, where does it
come from?

A: Ughhh its just boring really, Jamie made it up when he were at school.
And thats it…theres a few rumors flying about.

EML: ‘I bet you look good on the dance floor’ is released this
Monday, are you excited?

A: Yeah yeah! Cant wait to see how it does really.

EML: You think it’ll be quite successful?

A: I don’t know, just hope people buy it and it’ll be alright.

EML: People are touting you as the next big thing in the British music
scene, is this daunting in anyway or is it something you want to embrace?

A: No not really scary at all, it’s just a nice thing for them to say
really. If we do expect it, we don’t plan on failing. At least we’re not
bigging ourselves up.

EML: You seem pretty down to earth…

A: Oh good, Cheers!

EML: A lot of big record companies were looking to sign you. Is
there a reason you chose Domino?

A: Just cos Laurence who runs the label is a really nice guy, its more
about making music than money.

EML: Everybody was touting your performance at Reading as the highlight of
the weekend. Was that a really important event for you?

A: Ehhh I don’t know we don’t really think of it like that because it was
the end of our tour and we didn’t think anyone would end up watching us to
be honest, and then it was just packed in the tent and it was amazing.

EML: Yeah, the reviews were saying hundreds of people were left outside the

A: Yeah it was weird because the year before we were there watching it and
it was weird to see how much it had turned around in a year.

EML: You’re being compared to a lot of bands now like all new bands are.
The main one seems to be the Libertines in terms of hype of music style.
Is this flattering or something you want to try and avoid?

A: I don’t know to be honest, we cant stop people saying what they’re
saying…so let them say what they want.

EML: You recently sold out a gig in Tokyo. Is the foreign market something
you want to break into?

A: I don’t know, think so yeah. We just do what we’re told to do, I just
turn up and play. But yeah I think so.

EML: Do you think the Japanese fans will give a good reaction?

A: Yeah, hopefully. They’ll probably be all quiet and polite. But yeah,
it sold out in something daft like an hour and 6 minutes or something
stupid, so I think we’ve got to do another one now!

EML: Your lyrics are quite colloquial and you’re one
of a few bands who has a lead singer with a northern accent, is that
important, keeping it down to earth?

A: Yeah yeah definetly, just keeping it like where it’s from really, it’s
like we don’t need to sing in an American accent if he’s not from America,
he’s just singing where he’s from in his own accent really. Not putting
anything on.

EML: Your songs are full of distinctive memorable characters.
Are these like real people that you’ve encountered?

A: Yeah I think some of them are yeah and some of it is like 3rd person of
what happened to us, he’s (lead singer, Alex Turner) really just singing
about himself, that’s all he does. Just sings about himself all the time.
He loves it, if there’s nothing better than singing about himself then
sometimes it’s him, sometimes one of us, sometimes it’s just a friend or

EML: So how’s the album going? Is there a release date yet?

A: Yep we’re releasing it on January 30th. We’ve just finished recording it
before the beginning of this tour. Gonna start mixing it on the wednesday
so gonna look forward to that.

EML: Your songs are already prolific on the internet to download. Is this
something you’re concerned about?

A: No not at all. I think it would be wrong for us to bothered about it
seeing as how far it’s got us and how well its done for us. Im sure you
can’t help it because the albums gonna be leaked onto the internet there’s
nothing you can do about it, but if people download it then they clearly
want it and I think people download songs and buy them aswell. It’s like
you download it and listen to it first and then you want to go out and
touch it and hold it and just buy it. I’m not bothered about it at all.

EML: To many, you’re the leaders of the new music scene emerging in Britain.
Are there any other good young bands you’re fans of?

A: Theres a band called ‘Little Flames’ from Liverpool, they’re very good.

EML: Milburn are supporting you…

A: Yeah they’re very good, they’re better than us. Dunno why they’re
supporting us, we should be supporting them! There’s a few other bands in
Sheffield as well.

EML: Is being in a successful band is it everything you’d imagine it to

A: It’s not all it’s cracked up to be, to be honest. All you do is get paid
for playing your music. It is very good, I f*****g love my job. It’s
wrong for me to say its a job, it’s much more than a job. But it’s not
amazing. But I’m enjoying it. I’m sure some people would love to have it.

EML: So, what are your plans for next year then, headlining any
festivals or anything?

A: Don’t know what we’re doing. I think we’re just touring all next
year…releasing the album, tour that a bit, then go in the studio and do
another album i think. We’ve already got songs for the second album. We
can’t stop writing songs so I think we’ve got about 6 or 7 for that now.

EML: Do you have a word of advice for any up and coming bands?

A: Ughhh….

EML: Just one word!

A: One word?…..Dunno if I have one word….ugggh….Consistency.

EML: Good word!

A: Yeah it’s a good word.

Incidentally, Andy prefers his jam sandwiches without an initial layer of


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