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January 8, 2008

Boy Kill Boy – Edinburgh, Queen’s Hall 16/10/06

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The Queen’s Hall’s echoing arena is not the most appropriate place for the latest thing in ‘brit rock’ to unleash their, now, rather tiresome bleak guitar theatrics for the first time in our fair capital. Its sparse, converted church interior is even more hopelessly desolate with the swarm of long fringed indie kids that befit a band like Boy Kill Boy not being as vast in number as some may expect. Maybe the word’s got out that they aren’t very good?

Indeed, the best band on display here tonight is first support act, Vega Four. With vocals delivered in a lilting Irish accent and with romantically captivating guitars, they bring to mind artists like Snow Patrol, except they manage to be, you know, interesting. And ‘smouldering’ as some in the audience suggested.

The next supports fail to astonish with their unoriginal use of sampling and pseudoelectronica take on making music. Unmemorable.

That word could also be attached to tonight’s headliners. Adorned in their now trademark ‘let’s try to look exactly like every single other indie band out there’ look and playing their now trademark ‘let’s try to play songs that sound like every single other indie band out there’ sound – BKB are not the most exhilarating act one could hope to see when you’re absolutely shattered on a Monday evening.

The meagre crowd seem to like it, with much pogoing and general lariness abounding near the front, but it’s hard to see why. The songs are dull and played without a hint of passion, the lyrics are banal and unoriginal and there just seems to be a whole pointlessness to the whole affair. One gets the feeling that the impressionable youth at the front of the crowd, going crazy during ‘Civil Sin’ may look back on this period of their life with regret akin to that of a childhood love for Boyzone or 911.



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