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January 8, 2008

Editors Interview

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Experimental Music Lover – You’ve played Scotland a few times. How have previous receptions been?

Ed – We’ve probably had some of our most memorable gigs here. The crowds have always been really up for it, and making a hell of a lot of noise. We had one of our favourite gigs as band here at King Tut’s and every time we’ve come back since has just been great.


EML – You were at T in the Park last year…

E – Yeah we were in one of the new bands’ tents, the future’s tent, and that was just a fantastic experience. We can’t wait to do it again this year.


EML – You’ve been upgraded to just below the headliner’s on the NME stage this year.

E – Yeah, we’ve got a good slot.


EML – It shows how far you’ve come in a short space of time. Has this rapid development come as a surprise to you at all?

E – I don’t know. I think we’ve always been confident that we could make it. It depends on so many factors getting on day time radio and we did the Franz Ferdinand support tour, which was very helpful in raising out profile. But obviously, once we’d reached the end of last year and sales of the album had been going reasonably well and we’d done an awful lot of touring around the UK, we thought we might have reached a peak, but we’ve progressed from there. Luckily, we’ve been able to come back and do this tour.

Russell – We’ve got quite a lot of ambition and drive. Like, we’re re-releasing Blood, and that will be our last single off the album.


EML – Was that your decision to re-release it?

R – Well, in essence we don’t own our records. It’s the record company, and they can put out it again and again if they really want to, but we can just say stop. We’re not that precious to say ‘don’t do it’.

E – As we’ve said, we’re ambitious and we’re re-releasing a single that not many people heard first time around and it will help improve our situation, it’s not such a silly thing to do.


EML – You are far bigger now than when it was first released.

E – Oh yeah, definitely.


EML – So you feel it’s a justifiable decision?

R – Well, we were playing King Tut’s last time around. And it is our last single off the album. We’ve got quite a close fan base, and I don’t think we’re cheating them. They might be a bit disappointed, but if they don’t want to buy it, don’t buy it. It’s as simple as that.

E – That’s the thing. A lot of people who were first on board, they kind of think of us as ‘their’ band, like they discovered. That’s cool, I mean I like that you can discover a band all on your own, and you do treat them very preciously, but obviously, to make a career out of what we’re doing, we need to reach more than a couple of hundred people. So, it’s all swings and roundabouts really.

EML – You mentioned, the Franz Ferdinand tour earlier. How was it playing to crowds that size, because it was a proper stadium tour?

E – Yeah, it was awesome. It was such a thrill playing to like 10,000 people. It was like nothing we’ve done before.

R – We like big stadiums, big gigs. We feel our music has an epicness that suits it. We definitely enjoy it.

EML – Do you think you could be headlining a tour that size any time soon?

E – (Laughs) Oh yeah. Yeah, yeah yeah.

R – Well, we’re working on our second record, and we’ll tour again then, and hopefully we’ll get bigger slots then. We’ll see what happens.


EML – How is that second record coming along?

R – Well, we’re going to play a couple of new songs tonight actually. We’ve got ideas and bits and bobs, and when we finish touring in September, we’ll start working properly on it then.

EML – Any ideas on a release date?

R – Probably April next year hopefully, which would be quite a good turnaround so we won’t be out of people’s minds for too long.


EML – So, you’ve still plenty of aspirations left?

E – Yeah, absolutely. We’ve only done one album, and we’re very pleased with the way it’s turned out, but in essence, it’s a straightforward band album and its a debut album. We didn’t want to go too far on it, and make a real sounding album. So, yeah, we’ve got a lot more ideas kicking around, and we’re really looking forward to going back into the studio and pushing ourselves further. And we want to play bigger places that suit our styles as we’ve already said. We’ve got ambitions to headline festivals, hopefully beckoning in the next couple of years. That would be amazing for us.


EML – How has conquering America gone?

E – It’s started off pretty well actually. We’ve just come back from a massive tour there. It was seven and a half weeks I think, staring off with South by Southwest (huge Texan music festival promoting a great deal of great new music) and that was a crazy situation. Then we did tons and tons of gigs and finished up at Coachella (the US Glastonbury), so yeah, I think we’d like to play those festivals again.

R – We’re going back to America in July in the next couple of weeks to do just a small tour of the major cities. Obviously. We’ve only just started there so we’re kind of concentrating on going back on record 2 and record 3 rather than just constantly promoting our debut.


EML – You’re one of various bands with baritone vocals and 80s influences who are inevitably compared to the likes of Joy Division. There’s Stellastarr* who supported you in the US and The National who are on your UK tour. Is that a scene your proud to be part?

R – I don’t think it’s a scene as such. We didn’t all come out of one place and we’ve all got out own style. It’s good that there’s a lot of good bands around, and a lot of choice for music lovers.

E – We’re very lucky to have The National on tour with us.

EML – Yeah, Alligator was one of the great albums of last year.

E – It’s just phenomenal.

R – It’s incredible. We’ve asked them before to tour with us, but it’s only on this one that they’ve agreed.

E – In their own words they were too lazy. We’re really happy they could do the dates and we think they’ll go down particularly well. I’ve never seem them before, and I’m really looking forward to their show.


EML – On your album, some of the song titles aren’t immediately relevant to the songs. There’s Bullets, Munich…

R – Yeah, and our band name as well. There’s no sort of association with the words and what they actually mean. It just suits the song, and our band name is just a stamp words we like. They’re good song titles and it’s a good band name.


EML – They all seem quite isolated, cold and industrial though.

E – Yeah I suppose so.


EML – Is that influenced from living in Birmingham at all?

E – Oh, definitely, definitely. The grey, murky streets of Birmingham. I don’t know. Possibly some if it maybe rubbed off on us when we there. We didn’t have the most fantastic of lives.

R – I was sleeping in the lounge.

E – And we were working jobs every day and not enjoying it. It was hard graft.


EML – Where would you be now if you weren’t in Editors?

E – I really don’t know what I’d do. I was unemployed for a while, on the dole, scamming the system. But I really don’t know what else I’d do. We all went to university and studied the degree we wanted to because we wanted to meet like minded people and it was always in the back of our minds to meet people to form a band and thank goodness it’s happened.


EML – Now, Tom has struck up a relationship with Edith Bowman.

E – Scotland’s finest.


EML – Has the media intrusion from that affected the band at all?

R – Not at all (he was a bit cold when it came to this subject).


EML – And finally, do you have a word of advice for any up and coming bands out there?

R – Quit.

EML- Fair enough.


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