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January 8, 2008

Good Books/Fields – Glasgow Barfly 15/10/06

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Glasgow – home of religiously segregated football teams, Orange Juice, hecklers who shout into tour vans and interrupt interviews in the hope of gaining some publicity for their own project, and tonight, the latest leg of Good Books and Fields joint headline tour of the UK.

With the Barfly’s intimate setting and tendency to have bands on both upstairs and down at the same time, the heavy metal rock stylings of hardcore guitars and oh so angry vocals filter down into the rather more serene experience of witnessing Kid Harpoon. Undeterred, his supporting performance is a promising one, as he manages to not only sound like Mystery Jets if they were was only one of them and they liked acoustic guitars, but to look like every single member of said band amalgamated together in one big indie mess. Very good nevertheless.

Then it’s everyone’s favourite new indie electronica darlings, Good Books, turn to take the stage. Having the beguiling fortune to have members bearing more than a passing resemblance to both Garth from Wayne’s World and Harry Potter amongst their fold, it may be hard to take this band seriously from appearance alone. But just watch them play.

Lead singer Max has that charming cockiness, so irresistible in such a young looking face, and manages to be both a charismatic and witty front man as well as a tortuous and impassioned chanteur. Their songs are reminiscent of Bloc Party or Hot Chip, yet transcend the pseudo electronica of acts like these two, managing to both be compelling and fun. Songs like ‘Walk With Me’ and free download ‘Turn It Back’ are fantastic pop affairs and shine here as Good Books ooze potential.

Tonight, it’s Fields turn to headline. With a tough act to follow, they breeze through similar synth led mini pop epics and almost manage to upstage their young co headliners. Delightful male/female vocal harmonies give them that twee edge as seen in the likes of Belle and Sebastien and Camera Obscura, yet things never get sickeningly sensitive as moody keyboards darken the tone. Not afraid to turn the guitar amps a bit higher either, Fields manage to gain a rock edge when performing live, and would give those upstairs a run for their money.


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