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January 8, 2008

Hanson Interview

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My day didn’t start well, narrowly avoiding a concussion at the hands of my shampoo bottle. My shower incident left me hoping that my Wednesday could only get better…

And it was about to! As I settled into a not-so-comfortable chair I got ready to interview Zac Hanson, drummer of Hanson.

EML: I’m just going to jump right in, I’m a bit behind schedule. Are you looking forward to the tour?

Zac: No problem. We love getting back on the road, we spent about a year making this album and it’s great to let people hear the new music.

EML: (Questionly) I’ll be at one of the shows, so you best remember this conversation.

Z: (In a rather sweet voice) Ok, but you’ll have to forgive me if I forget all the incriminating things I say.

EML: Where’s all the promotion for the new single (‘Go’)? I haven’t seen a thing.

Z: We’re always re-evaluating the way we do things and managing the record label ourselves, hopefully we can do a better job of making people aware of the new music coming out – thanks for your input.

EML: You did a tour of US colleges, are you planning on hitting any UK universities or festivals?

Z: Doing things with colleges is a priority of ours. In the States they’ve added ‘Strong Enough To Break’, the documentary made about the music industry to some curriculum and festivals are something we’re really hoping to do.

EML: Bono said ‘Mmmm Bop’ was a ‘work of genius’. That’s rather flattering isn’t it? Would you like to tour with a big band like U2?

Z: Sure, of course we would love to tour with a band like that.

EML: (Desperately trying to spice things up) Tell me something no one else knows, give me an exclusive!

Z: (Laughing) An exclusive?

EML: Yeah, something really interesting. You can make something up if you want.

Z: (Bashfully) I don’t have anything.

EML: That’s a shame, you guys are meant to be creative.

Z: When it comes to making up lies about myself, I’m not as quick witted and easily able to spin those things around.

EML: No one headed to rehab then?

Z: Not so far. But we’ll see if that catches up with someone.

EML: I know you guys are all married now (devastation clearly echoing in voice); does it suck that you can’t hook up with groupies (clearly still trying for an exclusive)?

Z: (Laughing once again) Wow. I have to tell you, you have an interesting combination of questions.

EML: Fans want to know this. Well actually, I made that one up, but I still want an answer!

Z: Well it seems to be the right choice for this bloke…

EML: Bloke? That’s a bit British isn’t it? Feeling the slang, huh?

Z: Just something I picked up, I figured why not?

EML: Are you ever going to get a normal job? At Wal-mart maybe? It’s not really normal what you guys do is it?

Z: By whose standards? I’ve been doing this my whole life so it’s pretty normal to me. We said ten years ago when people asked ‘what are you going to do when you’re done with music?’ and we’d say ‘what do you mean?’ I’m going to be doing music as long as I can move my bones and until I’m sleeping in the dirt.

EML: (Moved by his poeticism) I have one last question for you. What’s the one thing you never get asked in interviews but wish you were?

Z: I wish people would ask more questions that require more depth into the music. As a fan of music I find it cool to learn about my favourite band and his life and this and that. It’s also really cool to find out why they wrote this lyric or did this in the record.

EML: (Having to interject) Don’t you want to have things left up to interpretation?

Z: I’m not specifically talking just about lyrics, I’m talking about taking the time to delve deeper.

EML: Well thanks a lot Zac (most upset that our chatting has coming to an end).

Z: No problem.


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