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January 8, 2008

Luxembourg – Glasgow, Nice ‘n’ Sleazy’s 26/11/06

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With free sweets adorning the tables of the cosy, yet cool, Nice ‘n’ Sleazy’s, the aspiring entrepreneurs behind articulate electro pop promoters New Pop Revolution sure know how to warm the cockles of the bitter, blasé heart of a music journalist. But thankfully, those sugary delights are not the only tantalisingly delicious offering on tonight, with the 4 bands on display tonight showcasing the best of young indie electro pop this country has to offer.


Swimmer One immediately bring to mind Pet Shop Boys, with this duo also favouring atmospheric, yet exciting keyboard led jaunts, with proper grown up lyrics and everything.


The multi-cultural and flamboyant Morten Valence take to the stage next, starting off impressively with similarly thrilling electro pop, though a lack of any melody throughout turns this into a rather tedious affair a few songs in. The lead singer’s OTT antics and on stage banter fail to impress either, with his slow collapse to the ground and minimalist approach to trumpet playing almost turning him into a caricature of himself.


Local band Hoboken are described as ‘Frank Sinatra singing Goldfrapp’ yet their style, sound, use of video and lyrics concerning cheating boxers make them seem as if they’re just trying to hard to be cool. Not a patch on old ‘Blue Eyes’.


Luxembourg are the ace up New Pop Revolution’s finely tailored sleeve. A heart racing, exhilarating London outfit on only their second outing in Scotland are tonight’s headliners and give a short but spectacular performance. Playing to a less than packed house, these heirs to Jarvis Cocker’s throne pack everything in, enthralling with such indie disco joys as ‘Sick of DIY’, with even b-sides such as ‘Close Cropped’ and ‘Success is Never Enough’ played to a very warm reception.


David Shah’s deep yet charming vocals perfectly fit his intelligent, witty take on urban Britain, whilst Rob Britton’s guitar electrifies an already dazzling array of pop songs.


‘Front’ was a debut album that showed a great deal of potential in these five Londoners, and with live performances like this, Luxembourg have the style, talent and attitude to go far. Catch them while you can.


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