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January 8, 2008

Mansun – Legacy: The Best Of 16/10/06

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Britpop’s forgotten heroes, Mansun deserve to be as fondly thought of as Pulp, Blur or Oasis when it comes to reminiscing about 90s indie pop. This ‘best of’ comes 3 years after their unfortunate split, ending an 8 year run that saw 3 albums (including number one ‘Attack of the Grey Lantern’) and numerous top 20 singles, and includes an array of guitar driven mini epics that still sound fresh and powerful as they did 10 years ago.


Their most memorable three songs initiate proceedings, showing the band’s confidence in the rest of their back catalogue to last the 74 minute running time. These three songs show the strong diversity and aspiration that made Mansun so special. ‘I Can Only Disappoint U’, though coming late in their career, still has more further and drive than any 3 minute indie rock number should have, and ‘Wide Open Space’ shows epic prog sensibilities that can only engulf the listener. ‘Stripper Vicar’ – three songs in, probably the most famous work on here – is a fun, intelligent number that’s not afraid to take indie pop that little bit further.


The rest of the collection, though not quite so enthralling as the opening few tracks, don’t succumb to being merely a trawl through a tiresome back catalogue. Early number ‘Take it Easy Chicken’ shows just how talented this band were even in their infancy as guitar riffs crash and collide creating a manically brilliant affair matched by Draper’s vocals.


‘Electric Man’ and ‘Slipping Away’ are further relatively unknown gems that continue this album’s consistent quality right up to the sprawling delight that is ‘Taxloss’.


With recent praise from the likes of Hope of the States and The Upper Room, people are remembering just how could a band Mansun were, and this release could not come at a better time to serve as an appetiser to this band’s great work. More intelligent and ambitious than many of their peers, Mansun deserve your attention, and you deserve ‘Legacy’.




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