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January 8, 2008

Mystery Jets – Making Dens 06/03/06

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In what’s probably the healthiest and most interesting time in British
music in over a decade, it’s takes something special for a band to stand
out and justify the attention of both the public and press.

Here Mystery Jets try their best to do just that, with all sorts of ideas and
styles thrown into their sound, yet, sadly, all it amounts to is a record
that sounds tired and messy, with the focus more on trying to be different
from the rest of the pack rather than making a great pop record.

And this could have been a great pop record. There are certainly glimpses
of what they can do on such tracks as recent single ‘You Can’t Fool Me
Dennis’ and the refreshingly upbeat ‘The Boy Who Ran Away’. Both
certainly show these lads can make tunes as good as the rest of them as
long as they keep they remain cohesive and interesting. Disappointingly,
this is not true for much of the rest of the album, with many tracks
losing all relevance with the listener as each tries to distinguish itself
from the next.

Though starting off promisingly enough, ‘Horse Drawn Cart’ then descend
into a chorus completely apart from the rest of the album and by the end
is a chore to listen to. ‘Zoo Time’ also keeps up the frustration levels
with its annoying chanting and riffs that seem to run around in circles
with no discernible melody evolving out the rabble.

Some sections of the music press seem to think this band will do in 2006
what Kaiser Chiefs did in 2005, and Franz in 2004, yet on the evidence of
this offering, all reports of this band deserving anything more than being
played on Zane Lowe once a fortnight are greatly exaggerated. Nothing
really interesting, nothing really exciting, just a couple of great pop
songs and a whole lot of self indulgent filler.



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