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January 8, 2008

Stellastarr* – Glasgow ABC, 04/03/06

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As you’d expect from a band like Stellastarr*, the supports are cool, stylish and have a touch of the 80s about them themselves. The Hourly Radio get things going, though playing to a virtually empty dancefloor with the majority of the early audience still enjoying their drink. Their Editors type approach to their sound and image does deserve a better reception though as they deliver a stream of very danceable, very good tunes.


There aren’t many bands with 3 girls and a guy, and The Twenty Two’s must surely be one of the best. Well, better than The Corrs at least. Fun, fresh pop delivered very slickly and very sexily, and a very suitable appetiser before the main event.


Though recently on the end of some harsh criticism from the British critics for latest effort ‘Harmonies for the Haunted’, the New Yorkers seem unaffected, arriving on stage with a swagger and looking as cool and striking as ever, knowing that their fans love them no matter what the critics may say. And it’s the opener from ‘Harmonies..’ that opens proceedings tonight with ‘Lost in Time’ showing a different side to the band as they experiment with louder soundscapes and piano led epics, and they sound impressive tonight. Though delicate at first, it’s when Michael’s guitar kicks in and Shawn’s husky tones growl down the microphone that the song takes off and becomes an instant fan unfavorite.


The set continues with songs with a couple of tracks from the eponymous debut before the band tackle latest single ‘Sweet Troubled Soul’, and its bite becomes even harsher as the sounds rebound off the walls in this intensely enclosed and intimate venue.


Though it’s a while before the crowd get fully going, the band fully embrace it and join in when they do. Shawn even takes his on stage theatrics into the audience at one point when ‘Love and Longing’ reaches its peak, showing that this is a band not afraid to get close to their fans.


‘Jenny’ brings the initial set to a close, with Shawn’s ‘Hey hey heys’ aggressively pounding from the amplifiers, but it’s the encore that sees the definite highlight of the evening. ‘My Coco’ is a modern classic that everyone needs to hear at least once in their life, and the crowd show their appreciation at being given the privelege to hear it live by just going crazy.



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