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January 8, 2008

T in the Park 2006 Review

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So another fine and wonderful weekend of music, alcohol, rank toileting and being herded like the sexy cattle we were has come to an end. Now all that remains is some comments about it, and maybe even a review or two and a summing up of the experiences of someone who was there. Well, luckily for you, all that is contained in the following scribbles. Rejoice!!

T’was the night before T and all over the campsite, people were replacing words in the titles of films/sitcoms/songs/whatever they could think of with the word ‘rape’. This turned out to be far more amusing than it probably should have been, and did in fact go on for about 3 hours until very early on Saturday morning. But that’s not the point.

Earlier Friday was varied, though certainly worthy of my begging with work for time off. Weather wise, getting my tent up was a struggle, with the wind constantly catching my tent cover and blinding my beautiful face with its flower clad blueness. Nevertheless, my persistence paid off, I was soon erect. Then there was wine, and the Ultimate Kick Ass T Playlist that I made. Beezer stuff. And pork pies.

Onto the music. Saturday came, and with it the potential of glorious sets from the likes of Guillemots and Hope of the States and also some rather wonderful milkshakes from the Shaking Udder (the milky bar one’s the best, though fruit cocktail mixed with Dime and chardonnay is an appetising mixture.). I managed to sneak wine into the arena, craftily hidden away in Pringles tubes (this was a far better option than strapping a bladder to my back with duck tape like I did on Sunday. Duck tape is quite painful to remove it seems), thus drink was had. And fun. Let’s look at all the bands I saw now, as we go through Histor’s Eye.




Duels – Main Stage

Unflattering recommendations from earlier patrons of their live act did slightly put everyone off so all we really did was walk past and have them in the background as we toileted/ate Soleros, but seemed good fun for a bit of a drizzly sunshine.


The Rifles – King Tut’s

Never really grabbed a hold of me, but that wasn’t really unexpected. Chosen as there really was nothing else worthy of a gawp, but Local Boy is a class apart from the rest of their stuff and deserves to be heard live.


Guillemots – King Tut’s

Cor blimey, these guys are a lot of fun. Like nothing else seen over the weekend, they enthralled with their bold pop and brass tinged anthems. Clarinets were played, trilbys were worn and Fyfe was uber cool in his dashing red suit. As my flag so garishly stated, they were ‘ACE’.


The Cribs – NME

Normally such a convincing and exciting live act, here they underperfomed and were let down by a rather stale crowd. Perhaps the rather iffy weather played a part, but theire usually robust indie pop failed to ignite a Saturday afternoon. Good new song though, whatever it was called.


Hope of the States – King Tut’s

YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK YES!!!!!!!!!!! Just an incredible band who know how to make a heart stopping impact live. If the world ended there and then, I would not haave cared, and the soundtrack could not have been better. Enemies/Friends? Nehemiah? Sing It Out? Black Dollar Bills? No other band of the weekend had such a powerful collection of songs at their disposal, and certainly none performed them better. Just the most blissful, awesome, passionate moment of my life. Woot!!!


Placebo – Main Stage

Surprisingly good. Brian Molko is actually a rather charismatic front man, and they do have the songs to back up their style. Special kudos to a rather wholesome Running Up That Hill and an excellent Nancy Boy.


Kaiser Chiefs – Main Stage

Did seem to be going throught the motions for most of the set, but they were fun and the new songs did seem as poptastic as I Predict A Riot and Oh My God when they first came out.


Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! – Pet Sounds

Second best band of the day after Hope of the States (natch). Gave a terrific account of themselves, even if they didn’t pay much attention to the crowd. Did well to keep to songs on the album, and gave a crowd pleasing set that saw muchos dancing for Country Teeth and Is This Love? Beezer.


Franz Ferdinand – Main Stage

Was quite far back, and like the previous times I’ve seen them, were fun but far overshadowed by others on the day. They had a lot of drummers though.


Paul Weller – NME Stage

Only knew one song, but what a song. A Town Called Malice just sparked a wonderful mod frenzy that was an excellent way to finish a topper first day. Skillo!





The Weepies – Pet Sounds

Nice littler acoustic alt folk band who had a female singer with the cutest speaking voice I’ve ever heard. Couldn’t tell if the lead guitarist was male or female though. They were very hot either way.


The Spinto Band – Pet Sounds

Egads, these lads do like to put on a show. Unashamedly giggly with a mentalist of a lead singer/guitarist/mandolin man. An early treat for a glorious Sunday.


The Proclaimers – Main Stage

Had to really for 500 Miles. And yes, there were a lot of drunk Scots. And yes, nobody really seemed to care about any other song. But it was a lot of fun to hear an entire crowd sing that wonderful chorus, even if I found out I was too weak to have someone on my shoulders.


Jenny Lewis – King Tut’s

Jings, crivvens and help ma boab that was a short dress. As usual, she was a joy to both witness and hear, with her country anthems sung so sweetly. Couple of excellent new songs as well, in particulary ‘Oh Fernando’ which bodes well for her solo career, yet its quite worrying for fans of Rilo Kiley. Go write some more stuff with Blake please Miss Lewis.


Gomez – King Tut’s

Such a huge part of my upbringing, due mainly to my sister playing Bring It On all the time, and they know how to please a crowd. Strong new numbers sat comfortably next to old favourites, though there was a distinct lack of Liquid Skin material (R ‘n’ B Alibi would have made my day), but what’s the point in complaining when they found the time for Get Miles and Get Myself Arrested. Found myself next to someone I knew from back home as I was shoved to the front, and managed to steal his hat for a couple of seconds. This was marred however by the loss of my glasses in the ruckus as he took it back. Eventually found one lens, and a frame minus one leg as well as a leg from some other unfortunate who must of lost their’s. It was worth it though.


Arctic Monkeys – Main Stage

The departure of Andy seems to have had no adverse effect on the band’s ability to perform, and a prime slot on the main stage as well as probably the biggest crowd of the weekend did not seem to phase them. As cocky (“We’re Arctic Monkeys, who the fuck are you?”) and funny and generally brilliant as ever, they put on a show they can now do in their sleep and got the crowd involved in the party. Who else could get an audience that size to go ‘doo doo doo doo doo’ mimicking an opening riff of a song not even released as a single? Kick ass.


Milburn – Future’s

My only foray into this tent over the weekend, and they skanked it up big time. Guns of Navorone heralded their joyful entry, and the Monkeys’ mates put on a show almost as good as their illustrious pals. Lipstick Lickin’ is great!!


The Go! Team – King Tut’s

Third time I’ve seen them now, and you might think I’d be bored. But bloody hell, this was immense. Just behind Hope of the States in performances of the weekend, they were relentless, and my dancing did not cease for a whole hour. Ninja remains a charismatic and beautiful ringleader of a motley lot intent on giving everyone who sees them the night of their life. Just magical.


Death Cab For Cutie – Pet Sounds

Only caught one song, but oh my, it was a cracker. Is there a better way to close an inde emo set than a beautiful rendition of Transatlanticism? NO!!!! Altogether now – “I need you so much closer.”


The Who – Main Stage

Were never really a a part of my musical life before, and I was some fair distance back, and it did take some time to find my friends in the melee, but they were still a fantastic way to end a fantastic weekend. My Generation was a riot, Substitute and Pinball Wizard were the perfect encore, and Townshend’s majestic fingers crafted old classics so beautifully and skillfully it was obscene. Well done those legends.



Now what? Sunday night/Monday morning was all good especially everything involving a loaf of bread and finding an inflatable sheep – though I did have work at 2 and turned up 20 mins late thanks to being knackered. But I don’t care. Probably won’t go next year mind.



Top 10 Songs of the Weekend

1. HotS – Nehemiah
2. HotS – Black Dollar Bills
3. HotS – Enemies/Friends
4. HotS – George Washington (they were that good)
5. The Go! Team – Bottle Rocket
6. The Who – Substitute
7. Gomez – Whippin’ Piccadilly
8. Paul Weller – A Town Called Malice
9. CYHSY – The Skin of my Yellow Country Teeth
10. Guillemots – Trains To Brazil


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