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January 8, 2008

The Feeling – Glasgow, King Tut’s 11/03/06

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To all those people who, when you go to a gig, incessantly chat about your stupid, pointless lives the whole way through, ruining songs and disrespecting the band, I feel I should ask what are you, stupid or something? Or what?

You have paid good money to see a band you must surely like, so just be quiet and enjoy the performance, lest ye be begat to hell. Other people have paid good money as well and do not want the quieter moments of a set to be competing with tales of who’s fucking who or how stupid someone’s boss is in an effort to enter their earlobes. So just shut up.

Anyway, on with the review. Fresh from a performance right here in Stirling, Vivamelodica show off some accomplished pop songs in their efforts to entertain the crowd as supports to the supports. Nothing special, though ‘Valentine’ is remarkably good and goes some way to merit the constant chants of ‘Viva’ from the surely biased members of the crowd.

The Like are, like, up next and breeze their way through the summery pop that you’d expect from 3 incredibly attractive and stylish females from L.A.

Suitably prepped, the crowd enthusiastically greet the main event as five odd looking, self-confessed geeks make their timid way onto the tiny stage.

The Feeling have come a long way in a short time, after playing to tiny audiences early on in this current tour before making their way into the top 10 and satisfying a full house at what was recently voted Britain’s number one music venue.

As with Vivamelodica, pleasant pop unashamedly parades from the speakers, but as with Vivamelodica as well, technical difficulties interrupt proceedings as Dan Gillespie Sells’ microphone fails two songs in. However, his wit and pleasantness keep the crowd entertained, and his genuine delight at seeing so many people in the audience and at their recent chart success endear him further to the audience.

Limited edition debut ‘Fill My Little World’ is the first song to really get the crowd going, and its re-release in May should hopefully match the success of ‘Sewn’, speaking of which, is unsurprisingly the highlight for most of the crowd here tonight. It’s radio friendly lyrics seem imprinted on everyone’s minds as each person sings along to every word of the top 10 hit.

A couple of ballads show another side to the band, though I ‘d have probably enjoyed their sentiment more if it wasn’t for the people described in my initial rant.

Still, it’s fun, uplifting pop they do best and the likes of ‘Never Be Lonely’ and closer ‘I Love It When You Call’ sound even more lovely than Sewn and should ensure this band’s success continue.


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