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January 8, 2008

The Go! Team – Glasgow QMU 08/10/05

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For an act that incorporates the best elements of rock, dance, hip hp and just about every genre going, The Go! Team have a wide selection from which to choose a suitable support, and Kid Carpet, sounding like Kasabian if they’d been brought up by Mary Poppins, seems entirely apt. His joyous dance beats, mixed with samples from what sound like various toys from the Early Learning Centre, get those who hadn’t bothered to watch the end of the Scotland game on their feet early on.

Lady Sovereign’s diminutive frame is the next on stage, and what she lacks in stature she certainly makes up for in stage presence. Her tracksuits and her accent (sounding as common as Converse at a My Chemical Romance gig) may make her seem like Queen of the Chavs, yet her rap/rock/ska sound is ferocious and her confidence abounds.

After two impressive supports and being officially “The Best Band at T in the Park” (well according to me), The Go! Team have a lot to live up to, and they come close.

An extended drone of guitar feedback starts the show off as the name of the band is written with fridge magnet letters on the screen behind them. Then it’s time to start dancing. Album opener “Panther Dash” is the first song struck up and it’s as fast and furious as it is on record, getting the whole audience moving.

A recent addition to The Go! Team live show are a troupe of dancers joining the band on stage, and they help Ninja out with the school girl chanting on “The Power Is On”, making it sound even funkier.

Album tracks like “Bottle Rocket” and “Huddle Formation”, sounding like the Kill Bill soundtrack on far too much Red Bull, keep the crowd happy and when Ninja orders them to shake their booty, they do.

New songs fit in well with “We Won’t Be Defeated” being given a resounding reception after being dedicated to the Scotland team.

As always, Ladyflash closes the set, with its singalong/dancealong nature the perfect way to close a remarkable gig.


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