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January 8, 2008

Tiny Dancers – Lions and Tigers and Lions

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The latest in the current wave of Pitchfork adored alt rock Americana that’s probably been the most consistently excellent music scene of recent years, but are they a welcome addition?

With a title like ‘Lions and Tigers and Lions’ you know this isn’t an EP that’s going to take itsel too seriously, and it’s all the better for it.

The echoing bass of opener ’20 to 9′ is CYHSY at their eerie best, before the song ascends into a delicious plethora of static and sound reminiscient of Animal Collective, except actually being audible and interesting.

‘Hemsworth to Hallway’ is the happiest moment on here, and the best. Joyously child like xylophones and various bleeps and bloops create a wonderfully enthusiastic ramshackle with a fantastic singalong chorus.

This feeling of positivity and infantile creativity is kept up throughout the remaining three songs, each containing a sense of wonder and tendency to make you tap your feet.

Quibbles? Well, is there really call for a band like Tiny Dancers? When the likes of The Little Ones can release an EP like ‘Sing Song’ and keep all the elements of this style of music that make it so great, yet add so much more of their own style and personality, the lack of anything particularly special in an EP like this is evident.

Yes, it is fun, and you will be humming along, but there’s a lack of genuine substance here. Vocally, as well, the band aren’t strong, sounding like a mix between James Walsh and David Bowie yet being neither as passionate as the former or engaging as the latter..

Overall, this is a good continuation of what has been laid on before, but its failure to evolve the genre or enthuse their sound in a way that other bands have managed to do stops this EP being an essential purchase.



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