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March 8, 2008

Vincent Vincent and the Villains – Gospel Bombs (10/03/08)

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With the current obsession of trying to create something truly original that progresses the music world beyond the limits of its current forms, it’s refreshing to hear a band going back to the very roots of rock and roll to recreate that golden age in their own unique way.

The likes of Klaxons, Hadouken and Enter Shikari may be doing their very best to mix as many genres and technologies as possible in a vain effort to stand out, but when the result is a few mediocre albums and a whole scene of clueless indie fuckwits 15-year-olds with obnoxious hair and star-covered hoodies, it may be best to just concede that creating anything remotely definitive in music today is an impossible task.  And only complete morons will go along for the ride.

Gospel Bombs however is a pure rock and roll record in every sense of the term, with the rock supplied by Vincent’s gruff tones and the roll finely brought into form by wonderfully bluesy bass and those guitar riffs so clean and crisp that they can’t help but bring to mind sharp suits and sweet girls whose only want is to hold your hand.

Beast could come from any Tarantino film with its memorable licks and fast paced drumming that matches Vincent’s racing heart.  But tight drums and intricate guitar work are only two of the many qualities these Villains possess as the likes of Blue Boy and Sweet Girlfriend, with their harmony fuelled choruses and neat solos, wouldn’t sound out of place on a best of Buddy Holly.

Vincent is that rare thing – a modern musician who knows and cares about music’s history.  As the ode to the wonderment that is going through a much loved record collection that is Killing Time suggest, music is Vincent’s world, and it’s a world that sounds very good indeed. 



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