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August 4, 2008

Some News Items!!! Or Items of News. Some of Them. 04/08/08

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The fabulous four
The fabulous four

The Beatles Discovered to Have Some Sense of Humour

Proof has been found that each Beatle can not only laugh, but joke, jape, chortle, guffaw, jest and titter too, as a 30 minute tape of them doing that is to be auctioned off. Found in an attic during a particular exciting episode of Cash in the Attic, where Ringo Starr was raising funds to build a replica Hoover Dam in his bath, the tape apparently contains audio clips of George Harrison explaining to Paul and John that the parrot they give him is dead. John is also heard to say ‘am I bothered?’ on several occasions, as Paul quips ‘I want that one’ after every bass drum fill Ringo delivers. It’s expected to sell for 20p and a bag of marbles.

Detestable Glam Star Allowed Back in Real World

Gary Glitter, once riding high on a wave of quite annoying glam pop, has spent the last few years dropping soap in a Vietnamese prison. This was for molesting 2 young girls, and not for the awful I’m the Leader of the Gang (I Am), nor indeed for calling a snack shop he once owned ‘Leader of the Snack’. However, on August 19th, he shall return to a world that has probably forgotten anything redeeming about him whatsoever. He probably doesn’t even know what Facebook is. Imagine that? I can’t. Don’t let him add you as a friend if he joins though. For many reasons.

British Olympians Found to Have Poor Music Taste

The Beijing bound sailing duo of Ben Rhodes and Steve Morrison have recently shown their sea legs may work a lot better than their sea ears. After the International Olympic Committee halted their attempts to call their vessel Jackie Big Tits after the inane Kooks song of the same title, they’ve now gone for more tedious indie pop in the form of The Wombats’ Little Miss Pipedream. One can only hope they capsize. With both bands on-board as well. And Razorlight for good measure.

It’s All ABBAout the Winning

ABBA are yet again number one with their Gold greatest hits package. Originally released in 1992, it is now back on top ahead of Coldplay thanks to the dreadful looking Mamma Mia. If you have seen this movie, I ask only ‘why?’ It also happens to be the fourth best selling album ever in Britain after Queen, Oasis and The Beatles. Yes I know, Queen!!!?!?!?

Jamelia Caught Touching Leg of Bassey

More to come.


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