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August 9, 2008

Edinburgh Festival Reviews

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It’s currently the Edinburgh Festival here in Edinburgh at the moment.  And I’ve seen lots of shows.  Here are my reviews.  I’m far too tired to write anything approaching humour at this moment in time.  Expect some soon though.


Sammy J In The Forest Of Dreams

Sammy J and Heath McIvor

Swearing puppets are not big, and they are certainly not clever. But, damn, they are funny. And pleasingly, the jokes are as strong as the language. Unhappy with his rut of a life and pissed off with the magical ideologies force fed to him by renowned frozen Nazi, Walt Disney, Sammy J enters a mysterious portal in his kitchen cupboard, discovering the Forest of Dreams. And as one would expect in a magic forest, Sammy embarks on a quest of revolution, friendship and sexually harassed squirrels. This is a truly unique show, superbly embracing elements of musicals, comedy and puppetry to create an offensive adventure that will make you care more about an inanimate object than you ever thought possible.

Underbelly, Jul 31 – 24 Aug (not 11 Aug), 6.00pm (7.00pm), prices vary, fpp 94

eml rating 5/5


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