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August 19, 2008

Broken Records – Edinburgh, Liquid Rooms 17/08/08

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Give them a few years, hoping that they learn not every instrument has to be played with the volume up to 11 along the way, and supporting act tonight, Jesus H. Foxx, may yet one day be mentioned in the same breath as Pavement. With similar anarchic backing vocals and spiky guitars, they belong in 90s America, though Edinburgh in the new millennium will gladly take them. And these cobbled streets wouldn’t say no to the headliners tonight either, with their Gothic euphoria something that can only be embraced by a city with such a beautiful but blood-stained past.

With numerous comparisons to Arcade Fire and Sigur Ros for a stunning orchestral sound and triumphant live performances that astound all lucky enough to bare witness to such a spectacle, Broken Records do have something of a reputation to keep up. The home-crowd elation, and a set of emphatically performed mini-epics, make sure this reputation is not only kept up, but enhanced in such a way as the mind boggles to think of how they could get any better, when still so young themselves. (more…)

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