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August 28, 2008

Final Couple Fringe Reviews

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And everything can be found at http://edinburgh.threeweeks.co.uk/browse.asp?uid=2070271453&cnt=all as well.


Big Band Swing Sensation
That Swing Sensation
It’s a Saturday night and everyone’s in their Sunday best to go to church and enjoy a set of big band classics. The setting does hamper almost all ability to enjoy the music however, with terrible acoustics providing for a distant performance that sees the blast of the brass lost on many. The vocals too are barely audible, though that might have been for the best. Singer, Kenny Patterson, is introduced as “suave and sophisticated”, but is less Frank Sinatra and more Frank McAvennie, with lurid jackets and smarmy smiles. He may have you under his skin, bur he’s more likely to make your skin crawl. There are some fabulous musicians here, but they should stick to instrumentals classy joints.
St. Andrew’s and St. George’s Church, 23 Aug, 7.30pm (9.30pm), £10.00 (£8.00), fpp 142.
eml rating 2/5


Lament For The Little Boats
Land and Sea Theatre Company
192 fishermen died in the Eyemouth Disaster of 1881 after a terrible storm wreaked havoc on the east coast. Taking inspiration from a pub dartboard that commemorated each lost boat’s name on its shutters, this is local lad, Harold Purdie’s dramatic tale of that tragic day. With a scene-setting prologue from Prof. David Purdie, the audience come to realise the full peril of the sea. It’s then up to a group fisher lassies to perk things up with some lively traditional singing, before the full tragedy unfolds through a particularly dramatic monologue and choir. It may be muddled in parts, but you’ll leave ruing the full of horror of that day.
Nicolson Square Methodist Church, 25-28 Aug, 7.30pm (8.45pm), £10.00 (£8.00), fpp 210.
eml rating 3/5


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