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September 29, 2008

Saint Etienne – London Conversations: The Best Of

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Saint Etienne – London Conversations: The Best Of

It’s unquestionable that Saint Etienne deserve a best of. The world would surely be lacking something special if there was no collection of their largely masterful dance pop to ease a welcome way into their distinguished and lengthy 18 years in the business. The problem here is, the world already has several. And good ones too, though it’d be hard not to go wrong when the back-catalogue is as Gilette Mach 3 Turbo smooth as this. (more…)


Amanda Palmer – Who Killed Amanda Palmer?

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Amanda PalmerWho Killed Amanda Palmer?

As one half of celebrated punk cabaret artists, Dresden Dolls, and all round alternative idol, Amanda Palmer is notorious for being one of music’s most vivacious and impassioned performers. Go see any Dolls’ show and you’ll be overawed by just how volatile a pianist can be, as the sweat pours, the vehemence is spat and Palmer salutes a crowd from every spectrum of disaffected youth. (more…)

September 28, 2008

Hauschka – Fendorf

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Hauschka – Fendorf

There are too many words in this world. All those conversations about the weather, the futile observations of last night’s match, that jingoistic opinion that springs all too easily from conservative minds, and of course any word uttered by Fearne Cotton. Music suffers greatly too from the absurdities of trite lyrics, following a familiar rhyme and scan that fails to ignite any emotion other than derision. Just take Scouting For Girls. No seriously, just take them and make sure they never come back. How can anyone get away with “She’s pretty, a fitty/She’s got a boyfriend though and thats a pity”? (more…)

Even more singles!

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The Corrections – OCD
Not every song will go down in the annals of history as a landmark moment in popular music and the culture it came from.  And I think The Corrections would be the first to admit this attempt at politically fuelled anger won’t be last long in the nation’s consciousness.  It’ll bounce around happily in there while it’s there though

September 27, 2008

Some more singles

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Guns on the Roof – On the Brink

They claim to sound like when The Sex Pistols met Rancid, perhaps making much of such esteemed punk credentials. But what’s on offer here has too much pop essence and focus on melody to be considered truly punk rock. It’s no less great for that though, and this is a solid, catchy pop punk romp.


Giant Jr. vs Eartha Kitt – I Want to be Evil

The real star of this single is of course Eartha Kitt’s controlled, classy croon but Giant Jr. have performed a technological assault on the upbeat jazz original that only injects more venom into Kitt’s spite and spit. Ignore the tedious remixes though.


September 26, 2008

Pop News 26/09/08 – Give Pop a Chance

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What better way to start off this round-up of pop news than with the biggest pop star of them all?  I’m talking about former Beatle, Sir Paul McCartney, and his recent concert in Tel-Aviv, Israel.  Playing to 40,000 fans who have waited over 40 years to see him since Israel’s ban on The Beatles, McCartney treated the audience to classics like ‘Hello Goodbye’, and got them to sing along with John Lennon’s anti-war anthem ‘Give Peace a Chance’.  (more…)

September 22, 2008

Trailer Trash: Watching the Watchmen

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by David Quin, age 21 and 1/2

Anybody with even half an ear to the ground in the musty backwater of pop-culture and geekery that is fanboy-land, will no doubt be aware of the feverish anticipation which is being generated by every droplet of information which appears in relation to the movie version of Alan Moore and Davie Gibbons’ seminal graphic novel Watchmen. To the uninitiated this excitement may seem odd – comic book adaptations are ten a penny these days, from the already well established (Batman, Spiderman and so forth) to the obscure (Ghost Rider anyone?), but Watchmen really is different; an incredibly emotionally and politically complex work, which refuses to paint its world in terms of crude morality, but rather keeps a studied distance from the world it portrays, never shirking from the consequences of its characters’ belief systems, adored, rightly, by those who’ve read it, and regarded in some quarters as one of the peaks of late twentieth century literature. (more…)

A whole mess of single reviews

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Ava Leigh – Mad About the Boy

Oh no!  Another Joss Stone!  There I was praying that we’d lost old Jossy to the yanks for good, hidden in Ashton Kutcher’s basement or something picking up redundant Grammies on behalf of other people’s hard work and influence.  Don’t worry too much though – Ava Leigh’s actually quite good.  And so is Mad About the Boy surprisingly.  Nice horns.

6.8/10 (more…)

Anti-Flag – The Bright Lights of America

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For such anti-establishment punk idealists, Anti-Flag are certainly rigid conservatives when it comes to their promo CDs. With its bold, all-caps underlined warning of THIS CD IS WATERMARKED and complete lack of ability to be uploaded onto any laptop, The Bright Lights of America seems a far less ironic title that what its initial intentions may have been. Hassle Records have proven a right hassle to overcome here. Ha ha! (more…)

September 19, 2008

Pop News! – 19/09/08

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If winning three VMA awards wasn’t good enough news for Britney Spears, she’ll be even more delighted to find out these past few troubled years of head-shaving, multiple marriages, rehab trips and questionable childcare have not been her fault. In an interview with NBC’s ‘Today’, the recent comeback (I think it’s the third one now) queen’s mother, Lynne Spears, expressed her own feelings on Britney’s turbulent times. “I took all the blame.” she said. “The personality I have, it’s always my fault.” I’m sure the insanity of being a 17-year-old global superstar millionaire, with unheard of power and influence in countries all over the world, so don’t worry too much Mrs. Spears.


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