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September 7, 2008

The Return of Music News!!! 08/09/08

I am writing this in bemusement as shrill Irish comedian, Patrick Kielty, has just replaced legendary World Cup winning Brazilian goalkeeper Taffarel for a Rest of the World football team facing an England squad consisting of Craig David, some guy off Hollyoaks, Robbie Williams’ boyfriend and the one from McFly who looks most like a Dickensian wretch. I have also just uploaded Brian Wilson’s superb Christmas album to my newly fixed laptop as the on-going process of ripping every CD I have to its hard drive drags on. Life is hard.

Onto something approximating a point though, as I herald the return of the twice weekly news section. It’s brief run was hampered first by my Fringe assignments taking a lot more out of me than I thought they would, and then by the sad death of my laptop. It’s back now though and ready for business. By business, I mean downloading Indian funk off Soul Seek and finding myself engrossed in the Wikipedia entry on Star Trek: Voyager (by far the best of Star Trek’s numerous varieties). The news is here again, and hopefully this time for good. Or until I get busy again. Enjoy!

Respectable On-line Music Magazine Creates Potentially Respectable Award

Drowned in Sound is one of the few sane voices in music journalism, with an interesting mix of informed, unpretentious writing and an attitude that embraces everyone’s opinion as equally valid with a great community spirit. And to combat a debateably iffy Mercury Prize line-up, they’ve come up with their own snappily named Pluto Prize.
As a direct competitor to the once renowned Mercury’s, it also has 12 British albums from the past year to pick from, including Robert Wyatt, Johnny Foreigner, Portishead and the wonderful M.I.A. Voting may still be on but probably not. I am unsure. Look for yourself. M.I.A should get it anyway. Kala really is quite special.

Rich Fool Pays £280,000 for Piece of Burnt Wood

No, really. Popular promotional tool for the Heimlich maneuver, Jimi Hendrix, has had a guitar he once set fire to on stage sold for auction in London this week. And the stupidly large amount of money it went for? Well, it’s in the title of this piece, so look there. The buyer was the insane Daniel Boucher, a Quebecois who is either a politician or a musician according to Wikipedia. I hope it’s the politician though, and he’s used public money that means thousands of little Quebecois kids aren’t able to go to school to learn what to call someone from Quebec.

I understand the worth of such historical items in the rich history of music, but only if they’re suitably earned either as a gift, being found, being handed down or some other such way that doesn’t involve paying obscene amounts of money that cover the costs of liposuction for Michael Winner’s head. People with lots of money should have every purchase checked by an appropriate authority to make sure they’re not being a retard with it.

Republican’s Lack Heart (Zing!)

80s feminist pop icons and Britain’s’ most popular organ, Heart, have found time to be political in their hectic pop nostalgia sessions and constant pumping of blood around the human body. Their song, Barracuda (lyrics here), has been confusingly used by Republican vice-presidential candidate, and incredibly hot sexy librarian/bear killer type, Sarah Palin, in her appearance at the Republican National Convention.
Why “Sell me sell you the porpoise said/Dive down deep down to save my head” bears any relation to a campaign based on Jesus and babies is beyond me, but they did it anyway, and Heart weren’t too happy, asking for a cease-and-desist on the use of their song. Wise move Heart ladies. Former guitarist with the band, Roger Fisher, was happy though, promising to donate some of the royalties to Barack Obama’s campaign for the Democratic party. 80S pop one, intolerant conservatives nil!

Noel Gallagher Goes All High Fidelity

With an inevitably disappointing new Oasis coming out soon, Noel Gallagher has decided to talk about things again and have the music media report it. And here I am reporting it further, for I am weak and want to be just like the rest of the music media in the hope that somehow advertisers think this is Pitchfork or NME.com or something and decide to give me money. If anyone wants to give me money anyway, feel free to do so. As for what Noel was talking about, it was his very favourite top ten bands of all time. And here they are.

1.The Beatles
2.The Rolling Stones
3.The Who
4.Sex Pistols
5.The Kinks
6.The La’s
7.Pink Floyd
8.The Bee Gees
9.The Specials
10.(Peter Green’s) Fleetwood Mac

I have two words to say on the matter. ‘Fair’ and ‘enough’. For it is. No great disasters or shocks, with each band having some redeeming feature or another. It’s quite boring really. I wish he’d chosen Fast Food Rockers or Menswear or something just to make it that bit more interesting. Oh well. NME’s various contributors have equally valid, traditional line-ups in their choices as seen here in their incredibly in-depth, informative, articulate, beautiful, sexy, amazingly interesting feature on the matter. God, I hate things. Anyway, here’s mine if you care.

1. Spandau Ballet
2. The Darkness
3. Keane
4. Keane
5. Keane
6. (Peter Green’s) Keane
7. (Dame Maggie Smith’s) Fleetwood Mac
8. Creed
9. Fuck… I’m Dead
10. Nun Slaughter

Fair dos?

Britney Spears Can’t Find the Remote

Breaking news. More later.


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  1. Now Thomas, you know I agree with you on most things, and I hate to give the impression that I’m only commenting on things where we differ to be contraversial, but nonetheless, I felt moved to make this point; Star Trek The Next Generation>Star Trek Voayager.

    Comment by Quin — September 10, 2008 @ 2:27 am |Reply

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