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September 19, 2008

Pop News! – 19/09/08

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If winning three VMA awards wasn’t good enough news for Britney Spears, she’ll be even more delighted to find out these past few troubled years of head-shaving, multiple marriages, rehab trips and questionable childcare have not been her fault. In an interview with NBC’s ‘Today’, the recent comeback (I think it’s the third one now) queen’s mother, Lynne Spears, expressed her own feelings on Britney’s turbulent times. “I took all the blame.” she said. “The personality I have, it’s always my fault.” I’m sure the insanity of being a 17-year-old global superstar millionaire, with unheard of power and influence in countries all over the world, so don’t worry too much Mrs. Spears.

It wasn’t just Britney keeping girl power in the pop awards this week, with The Spice Girls celebrating their much anticipated (well, for some) reunion by winning the Vodafone Live Music award for Best Live Return. The girls beat rock legends Led Zeppelin to the oddly specific award, with Baby Spice, Emma Bunton, reasoning that “the thing is, when you go to a gig, you go for fun and entertainment and a night out,” which is apparently what an evening with The Spice Girls offers. It won’t happen again anytime soon though, with Bunton citing “other priorities” as a reason for no more shows.

Asia was just one of the continents visited by The Spice Girls on their world tour, and in a tenuous link to my next pop matter, it will play host to the aptly named Asiavision – yet another derivative of the worryingly large Eurovision franchise. Asiavision Song Contest organisers say “the universal language of music will help bring people closer together”. Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Syria and Israel/Palestine don’t seem to be involved though.


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