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September 22, 2008

A whole mess of single reviews

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Ava Leigh – Mad About the Boy

Oh no!  Another Joss Stone!  There I was praying that we’d lost old Jossy to the yanks for good, hidden in Ashton Kutcher’s basement or something picking up redundant Grammies on behalf of other people’s hard work and influence.  Don’t worry too much though – Ava Leigh’s actually quite good.  And so is Mad About the Boy surprisingly.  Nice horns.




Hercules and the Love Affair – You Belong

Their debut album got many a critic reaching for the thesaurus earlier this year, with its hypnotic blend of dance beats and sultry pop undertones.  I could say the same for this single spawned from it, so I will.  I appreciate its hypnotic blend of dance beats and sultry pop undertones.




Laura Marling – Cross Your Fingers

Taking some tips from her old band mates in Noah and the Whale, Laura’s gone all perky folk with her latest effort.  Free from the drab, dull picking of previous efforts, complete with hollow vocals and off-putting lyrics, this is a far more enjoyable listen.  Stay happy Laura.




Machine Head – Now I Lay Thee Down

You know what?  Those first 5 seconds are really very good indeed.  It’s a shame everything else is all a bit messy in that tedious metal way.  It’s loud, it’s shouty, there’s distortion and that awful metal guitar.  I don’t like it.  Maybe you do. 




Moby – I Love to Move in Here

I love to move in here too Moby lad.  Let’s hope we don’t bump into each other.  I’d hate to clasp such a bold head.  Or listen to this standard dance ennui (yes I did French).  Where did it all go wrong?  I loved Play.  And even that Made of Stars one, with the guitar and things on it.  Why this Moby though?  You’re playing to conventions.  Stop it.  This can’t even advertise anything good.




Skilf – Slow Me Down

It’s not Dizzee.  It’s close to it though.  There’s something in here that attracts repeated listens, with the Brighton rapper’s voice almost as distinctive as the old Rascal himself.  The production’s a little raw, perhaps with intention, but there’s plenty here to be interested in.




St. Etienne – Burnt Out Car

It’s no He’s on the Phone, but what is?  He’s on the Phone of course.  Not this though.  It’s as lovely as you’d expect though from such a lush group of chilled dance purveyors.  As pleasant for a chill-out as for a dance floor filler.




White Denim – Let’s Talk About

There’s driving drums guys!  They drive!  And provide a suitably energetic rhythm!  The guitars clunk, but in a good way as to suggest ramshackle in the studio.  Redneck vocals too provide Kings of Leon comparisons.  That underwhelming feeling at the end is good for that too.



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  1. Think Moby may well be approaching his “sell by” date!

    Comment by rob hooper — September 23, 2008 @ 12:05 pm |Reply

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