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September 22, 2008

Anti-Flag – The Bright Lights of America

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For such anti-establishment punk idealists, Anti-Flag are certainly rigid conservatives when it comes to their promo CDs. With its bold, all-caps underlined warning of THIS CD IS WATERMARKED and complete lack of ability to be uploaded onto any laptop, The Bright Lights of America seems a far less ironic title that what its initial intentions may have been. Hassle Records have proven a right hassle to overcome here. Ha ha!

Luckily I do have a CD player on hand, so I have actually managed to listen to what Anti-Flag seem desperate to keep to themselves. And what do I hear? Music of course. I suppose I should say what type, and if it’s good or bad of course seeing as that’s what this blog is all about. So I will. Read on.

For all the vitriol and disillusion their name may suggest, Anti-Flag certainly conform to rather more sedate, populist productions. There’s certainly nothing wrong with opener Good and Ready but then again there’s nothing wrong with grass or sheep or Paraguay. It’s just nothing more than passable punk pop that would fit comfortably on any Good Charlotte or New Found Glory Record, no matter how many ‘motherf*****s’ the band choose to throw in. I have yet to hear a Paraguayan say ‘motherf****r’ however. They may be something special yet.

The shouts and enthusiastic, if unadventurous, guitars continue on the title track. With its preppy, sing-along chorus, it rouses the pride of the pseudo-disaffected in the same way Green Day’s Minority got those pink mohicans bobbing. Another fine punk-pop single indeed, but then again, I’ve got McFly’s latest.

I could continue in a similar vein for the rest of the album, but what would be the point? I’d just tire of analogies and you’re mind’s probably made up already. Here are some final words on the matter, in case you haven’t predicted them.

Yes, it’s okay if you like Blink 182 and such, but you’d probably also like Dashboard Confessional, Pretty Girls Make Graves, The Dismemberment Plan and Bear vs. Shark who are all much better than Anti-Flag. And have less swears.



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