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September 28, 2008

Even more singles!

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The Corrections – OCD
Not every song will go down in the annals of history as a landmark moment in popular music and the culture it came from.  And I think The Corrections would be the first to admit this attempt at politically fuelled anger won’t be last long in the nation’s consciousness.  It’ll bounce around happily in there while it’s there though
Gabby Young and Other Animals – Bear With Me
If there’s one thing to separate Gabby Young from the animals that proliferate in her words, then it’d be her primed imagination, so wont to use and creativity.  From her hair on the cover to the ecelectic mix of genres and instrument sthat make up this bold jazz cabaret statement of joie de vivre and bitter melancholy of this EP, one can only imagine Young as the girl that only ever wanted to be noticed.
     It’s four songs find great rag-time spirit in Snakebite, as a bustling jazz bar is brought to mind.  Tiger stalks sinisterly eventually grasping its prey by the jugular, before a sorrowful death.  And at six minutes, Mole becomes the highlight, with a tension that brings to mind the Dresden Dolls most sinister moments.
     Young isn’t quite Amanda Palmer yet, but there’s the glimmer of imagination here that dares to suggest a new burlesque mistress may entertain the open-minded.
Lizzyspit – Eggbox
Female singers in Britain have had there fair share of attention over the past couple of years.  There haven’t been many with the raw charm of Lizzyspit though.  Sweet vocals combine with a simple picking style to create subtle melodies that thankfully seem more Cat Power than Adele or Duffy.
The Laurel Collective – Vuitton Blues
For such a diverse range of backgrounds and influences, Vuitton Blues never quite lives up to the promise of Nigeria meets Italy meets England all listening to Sly and the Family Stone.  An entertaining chorus saves it though, and the amiable vocals bring to mind the magic combination of Terry Hall and Neville Staple.


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