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September 28, 2008

Hauschka – Fendorf

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Hauschka – Fendorf

There are too many words in this world. All those conversations about the weather, the futile observations of last night’s match, that jingoistic opinion that springs all too easily from conservative minds, and of course any word uttered by Fearne Cotton. Music suffers greatly too from the absurdities of trite lyrics, following a familiar rhyme and scan that fails to ignite any emotion other than derision. Just take Scouting For Girls. No seriously, just take them and make sure they never come back. How can anyone get away with “She’s pretty, a fitty/She’s got a boyfriend though and thats a pity”?

This is where Hauschka manages to beguile his elegant way into my affections. From Dusseldorf in Germany, English is of course not his favoured language, yet he doesn’t try to appease to pop music’s dominant language, instead forsaken all words altogether to bring the world a bone-chilling album of ‘prepared’ piano instrumentals.

Blue Bicycle opens up this enchanted world, where everyone is silent and the imagination is allowed to conjure up snow covered firs, frozen lakes and moonlit faces. Every track is sumptuous in its cadence, with the classically trained Hauschka a master of rhythm and pace. String arrangements add grandeur to the simple piano, and this world becomes fully formed.

Making classical music accessible to a wider audience is a hard task, but Hauschka is another link in that bridge from Sigur Ros to Arvo Part to Mozart, and this is a delicate but enthralling chance to discover the limits of your own imagination.



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