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October 31, 2008

Imelda May – Love Tattoo

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Imelda May – Love Tattoo

Winner of best newcomer at the Irish Music Awards and with adoring words already from Jeff Beck and Jools Holland, you’d be forgiven for expecting big things from Imelda May’s debut album. And things do get off to an explosive start on the appropriately named ‘Johnny Got a Boom Boom’ – an upbeat jazz romp that knows the merits of a toe-tapping bassline.  May’s vocals too become enlivened on an energetic chorus that offers up a ‘boom boom’ to match Johnny’s.  (more…)


Pascal Comelade – The No Dancing

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Pascal Comelade – The No Dancing (Because Music)


After 33 years making music, and with over 40 albums and numerous film scores to his name, Pascal Comelade is not quite the revered name his experience perhaps merits. Take him out of his home in Catalonia, and don’t expect many to perk up when you talk of his Reinhardt influenced picking or his passion for the most playful of sounds. Give them a copy of ‘The No Dancing’ though, and they’d be hard pushed not to form some strong opinion of the man. For this pleasingly cohesive compilation of Comelade’s best work from the last 14 years shows a man of undeniable imagination, even if it’s not a creativity for all.


Zombie Uprising in Nottingham!

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Zombie Jesus - after the stone rolling.

Zombie Jesus - after the stone rolling.

Happy Halloween everyone!  And sticking with the scary theme, I thought we might talk about Michael Jackson.  Or more specifically, the attempt to get together over 1,000 zombies to perform that famed ‘Thriller’ dance routine in Nottingham.


The event, held as part of the city’s GameCentre festival, saw 1,227 volunteers dressed in the full Halloween get up fill the Old Market Square to break the world record for zombie dancing.  The previous record was a paltry 1,028, set just days before in Monroeville, Pennsylvania, a town now thought to be seething at Nottingham and all its inhabitants.  (more…)

October 27, 2008

Paul Heaton Interview

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Paul Heaton Interview

I met the affable from Beautiful South frontman just before the first gig of his current solo tour to promote his very good new album, The Cross-eyed Rambler. There wasn’t a lot of time, so things were a bit rushed and lot of topics weren’t covered.  He’s still a lovely man though.


October 24, 2008

Take That Europe!

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14 years ago this November, a new way to give out small ornaments to pop stars for singing someone else’s song was born. For in 1994, MTV took one more step in its Risk like takeover of the world’s youth by organising the inaugural MTV Europe Music Awards in Berlin, Germany. And who was there performing at such a momentous moment in European music video history? Five sweaty English lads that’s who, as Take That stormed the stage, picking up the award for ‘Best Group’ along the way. (more…)

October 19, 2008

Madonna and Guy no more!!!

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There is big news in the pop world this week. Big, big news. Huge in fact. I’m talking Gary Barlow face levels of largeness here. For the most decorated pop queen of them all, Madonna, has shocked the world and announced her split from husband, Guy Ritchie.

The news comes just eight years after a fairytale wedding in Skibo, Scotland, that sought to fuse US pop glamour with British film mediocrity for good. Alas, as with 99% of all celebrity marriages, things came to a head over numerous rows and arguments, with alleged reports of the pair being reduced to communicating through personal assistants (I do hope they got paid well). (more…)

October 12, 2008

Drink Up Buttercup – Mr. Pie Eyes

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Drink Up Buttercup – Mr. Pie Eyes


Challenging Animal Collective for North America’s modern day psych-pop stars, Drink Up Buttercup look to the 60s for inspiration and imagination as they emerge from a saturated US alt-pop market with interesting aplomb.  Mr. Pie Eyes would terrify a 3-year-old no doubt, with its persistent, distorted chorus that can’t be far off from what goes through the head of A Clockwork Orange’s Alex DeLarge.  Theremin is thrown in too for suitably other-worldly effect, as this band seem intent on creating something new. 


Gods and Gentlemen on the b-side though is a more traditional affair, clearly being encouraged by The Beatles’ later years.  This more simple take is no less interesting though, and offers up an alternative path for when the theremin breaks or they don’t want to make children cry.






Release Date: 10 Nov


Nitin Sawhney featuring Roxanne Tataei – Distant Dreams

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Nitin Sawhney featuring  Roxanne TataeiDistant Dreams


Taken from his London Underground album that explores London since 9/11, Distant Dreams broods with a sinister, claustrophobic menace that the Asian Nitin Sawhney must have experienced in such suspicious times. 


Dark, stalking percussion creates an atmosphere of tension, with Sawhney’s production continuing his masterful merging of eastern and western musical traditions.  Brit school alumni, Roxanne Tataei’s vocals offer a sense of the forbidden too, telling a sultry commentary on a changing city. 


There’s elegance in her performance as well, with the same soul heard in Amy Winehouse when she was best known for her music.  A gripping three minutes, if not the most hopeful.




Release Date: 27 Oct

Empty Boat – Waitless

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Empty Boat– Waitless


Apparently it’s World Toilet Day on 19 November. I’m still unsure as to what this day actually entails (I assume I may go to the toilet on it though in some form of celebration), but I thank Empty Boat for bringing such an event to my attention. It’s not the only toilet issue this collective of 15 musicians and vocalists from all over the planet want to bring to highlight though.


Fat Boy Slim – You’ve Come A Long Way Baby (10th anniversary edition)

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Fat Boy Slim – You’ve Come A  long Way Baby, 10th Anniversary Edition


It was ten years ago that, with pocket money was all saved up, my 11-year-old self, made the wise decision to purchase Fat Boy Slim’s dance classic You’ve Come A Long Way Baby as my very first record.  A lot has happened in those ten years since.  (more…)

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