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October 1, 2008

The Automatic – This is a Fix

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The Automatic – This is a Fix


The Automatic’s Monster now resembles an albatross that just doesn’t hang around their necks, but constantly screeches into their ears every five seconds whilst scraping their youthful faces with razor talons.  Its nuisance of a chorus that resonated its way around far too many festivals in the summer of 2006 will forever be attached to the Welsh pop quartet.  It’s a shame really though, considering they do seem to have a lot more to offer than a simple call and response line that never made much sense in the first place.


As seen with single Steve McQueen, the band haven’t strayed too far away from the fizzy guitars and duelling shouts that perpetuated their previous work.  What has forced its way into the band is an aggression that maybe made their debut lacking something of an emotional centre.


It’s no so drastic as to be proclaiming The Automatic as the new Rage Against the Machine, but Magazines is an enjoyable rant against the critics, and Secret Police has some bite in its chorus.  Mild Resentment Towards the Machine, But Not Really Knowing What To Resent About It may be more appropriate.


Complexities never abound of course, and no new ground is trod on let alone broken, but there are signs of a band growing up.  And thank the pop lords, there’s no chorus as catchy as last time.



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