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October 1, 2008

The Jonas Brothers – A Little Bit Longer

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The Jonas Brothers A Little Bit Longer


It’s taken them three albums, a VMA appearance, and some very special rings, but The Jonas Brothers seem ready to take control of the United Kingdom’s impressionable youth (and annoyingly ironic student sorts) the same way they have managed to usurp the Jacksons, Osmonds, Hansons as America’s most recognisable siblings.


With waist-coasts on the cover and various sharp-suits, trilbies and blue-steel stares throughout its polished artwork, this could also be seen as the album where The Jonas Brothers try and grow up.  Yet a past full of Christian rock, Disney Channel extravaganzas and censored Busted covers (are triple-breasted women really so shocking?) well inevitably never see them gain the credibility and respect that other teen pop-rockers such as McFly are offered.


This attempt to mature has transferred into their music too, with BB Good offering extended guitar solos and single Burnin’ Up attempting a hip-hop middle eight courtesy of Big Rob, who we can only imagine is both big and called Rob. 


It’s all spectacularly contrived though, as the mini-pop epic of heartbreak and hilariously impassioned vocals of Can’t Have You becomes standard fare along with the rollicking, but aimless alcohol/sugar/sex free punk of the rest of the sound-alike songs. 


Lovebug’s more acoustic drip-drip of a ditty is the one refreshing change of pace and sentiment from a tired idea, proving relaxingly catchy, until of course the inevitable plugged-in surge finale that it could so easily have done without. 


And you could very easily go without this album.  Unless of course you’re a child.  Or think like one, and if so, I’d reconsider every aspect of your life.  I hate children.




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