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October 3, 2008

Pop News – 3/10/08

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One of the five greatest pop artists ever.

One of the five greatest pop artists ever.

If the re-election of George Bush wasn’t enough to prove leaving things up to a public vote never works, the recently announced nominations for Best Act Ever at the upcoming MTV Europe Music Awards (which I’m assured is a worthwhile, unique addition to the award show roster) has raised more eyebrows than Roger Moore did in his entire stint as James Bond.

Whilst Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears may not be on everybody’s list of best artists ever (that’s ‘ever’!!!), it’s the inclusion of someone with a slightly deeper voice that’s raised the biggest debate. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, according to MTV watchers of Europe, 80s crooner Rick Astley, is one of the five most spectacular acts to grace the world of pop music.

The reasons for this surge in popularity of the plastic-haired star is of course the frustrating INTERNET phenomenon of ‘rickrolling’, where an unwitting victim clicks on a link which promises riches, yet ultimately delivers Astley’s classic ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’. MTV’s Richard Godfrey explained the positives of the matter.

This surprise nomination truly demonstrates that the MTV Europe Music Awards is the most democratically selected awards show there is. Rick’s fans have obviously decided that he deserves recognition as a pop icon and no doubt they are determined to make sure he wins on the night”.

Keeping on the subject of questionable comebacks, Paris Hilton has found some time in her hectic schedule of being Paris Hilton to record a new song. ‘My BFF’ is co-written by boyfriend, Benji Madden of Good Charlotte, composers of such songs as ‘Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous’, a tirade against celebrity culture, referencing how stars even get away with crimes others would spend a suitable amount of time in prison for. The song is coincidentally released on the same day as Paris Hilton’s new TV show debuts in the U.S.


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