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October 10, 2008

Pop News 10/10/08

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It’s unusual for Britney Spears to be in the news, but forsaking all the odds, the publicity shunning former teen-sensation appears to have found her way into various music publications over this past week. And why?

Thankfully it’s not for joining Madonna and Angelina in adopting African orphans to raise as her own. They have enough problems of their own already. No, instead Britney is going to be back on out televisions, but in more revealing detail than every before (unless you’ve seen those pictures of her coming out of a limo).

Continuing her latest comeback into fame (and sanity), Britney: For the Record is a 90 minute documentary for MTV set to explore all about Britney’s rather complex personal life. Set to air on 30 November, Britney promises to answer that most simple question of all, “what the hell was I thinking?” I doubt 90 minutes will quite cover that though.

It certainly should be interesting though, with Britney offering up this tease in the trailer. “So much has gone on over the last couple of years and there’s a lot that people don’t know about me that I want them to know.” But what is this unknown information she is so desperate for us to know? Some might guess it’s her hell in coping with the media spotlight from such a young age, when she is only human herself, with those failings and insecurities shared by us all. However, I think it’s her past in Greco-Roman wrestling.

Away from Britney, and female pop is in good hands. Sweden’s delicious Robyn who is back with another fantastic pop dance effort to follow Be Mine and With Every Heartbeat. Cobrastyle is similar upbeat brilliance that doesn’t need a 90 minute documentary to get people to pay attention to it.


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