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October 12, 2008

Empty Boat – Waitless

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Empty Boat– Waitless


Apparently it’s World Toilet Day on 19 November. I’m still unsure as to what this day actually entails (I assume I may go to the toilet on it though in some form of celebration), but I thank Empty Boat for bringing such an event to my attention. It’s not the only toilet issue this collective of 15 musicians and vocalists from all over the planet want to bring to highlight though.


Behind such comic trivialities and festive music, there’s a very serious message of inadequate sanitation in developing countries. Produced in collaboration with Pump Aid, a charity aiming to provide clean water in African communities, each copy of Waitless sold will help such admirable efforts become a reality with sanitation being provided for one person for life. 



Musically, what’s heard is just as exciting and welcome a project, combining elements and influences from the broadest of musical spectrums. Numerous voices are heard as a variety of languages sing out for joy and sorrow. African drums too are prominent, though eastern-European brass, Mediterranean jives and even jarringly modern dub-step can be found on an eclectically enthusiastic record.


Eu Vivo Neste Mundo (I Live In This World) is what Sufjan Stevens aspires to with when he tries to escape his western influences, and the use of chidren’s vocals on Up Up and Away and Mamae Iemanja (I Call The Stars) are a sweet success.


An admirable effort for a worthy cause, even if it won’t quite appeal to the popular taste.


Release Date:  3 Nov



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