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October 31, 2008

Zombie Uprising in Nottingham!

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Zombie Jesus - after the stone rolling.

Zombie Jesus - after the stone rolling.

Happy Halloween everyone!  And sticking with the scary theme, I thought we might talk about Michael Jackson.  Or more specifically, the attempt to get together over 1,000 zombies to perform that famed ‘Thriller’ dance routine in Nottingham.


The event, held as part of the city’s GameCentre festival, saw 1,227 volunteers dressed in the full Halloween get up fill the Old Market Square to break the world record for zombie dancing.  The previous record was a paltry 1,028, set just days before in Monroeville, Pennsylvania, a town now thought to be seething at Nottingham and all its inhabitants. 


Margaret Robinson, who helped organise the event, found great hope in the evening’s proceedings, and suggested a little bit of a fetish: “We are all zombies tonight, we are all undead, I am covered in blood – very happy.”  Michael Jackson is yet to comment.


One topic he has chosen to discuss though is the very sad news he will not be getting back with his brothers to reform the wonderful Jackson 5.  As Reuters so eloquently put it “a reunion of the Jackson 5 is not quite as easy as ‘ABC’,” with Jackson quoted as saying “my brothers and sisters have my full love and support … but at this time I have no plans to record or tour with them.”


A great shame for us all, especially considering fellow former bandmate and brother, Jermaine, and his talk only a few days before about how the “whole family” were making preparations to tour. 


Oh well, at least we can console ourselves with Jackson’s proposed album of songs by Scottish poet Robert Burns.  Or maybe not.  Just put ‘I’ll Be There’ on and forget these last 20 years.



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