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November 25, 2008

Releasing the Beast – Cage the Elephant interviewed

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Parish is second from the left.

Parish is second from the left.

Here’s a little chat I had with Cage the Elephant all written up in feature form.  It shall be in the next National Student paper, only properly edited and such and probably a lot better.  Look forward to it.  (more…)


November 18, 2008

Andy J Gallagher– Something Else

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Andy J GallagherSomething Else

There’s certainly a place in music for the less pitch perfect vocalist. Joe Strummer, Isaac Brock and Johnny Rotten have all overcome tonal shortcomings with passion that reveled in spite, love and anger. Andy J Gallagher faces a similar problem as such luminaries, yet fails in his attempt to dig deep for the emotion necessary to neatly smooth over the biggest flaw a singer could probably have. And it’s a shame too.

Something Else is a perfectly valid punk pop that delves back to Magazine’s bitterness, yet never takes itself too seriously. But it’s hard to conjure up definitive opinion for a song whose creator can only offer despondence and boredom in its execution.

Write the songs Andy, just get someone else to sing.


Release Date: 24 Nov

Hafdis Huld – Stop

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Hafdis Huld Stop

Iceland’s economy may not be at its healthiest, but one things that is thriving on that rocky outpost in the Atlantic is a creativity for music that seems resistant to any economic woes.

Hafdis Hudd is that expected blonde beauty, with piercing eyes and a controlled bob, but it’s her voice that matters on this Sam Brown cover, and it is a sweet pleasure. It may lack the unique quirky tones of Bjork that may be expected, but underlying is a subtle inflection that holds interest.

The track too is pleasant enough, aiming for a more credible Fiona Apple influenced female folk route than the large-lunged original. Hopefully, it’ll give some of her countrymen reason to smile.


Release Date: 24 Nov

The Gentle Good – While You Slept, I Went Out Walking

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The Gentle Good – While You Slept, I Went Out Walking

In many ways, The Gentle Good could be the Welsh Mull Historical Society. There’s a shared story of the one man band making very personal music, all of which earns adoration from critics and broadcasters in their homeland, yet never quite grasping the attention of the rest of a discerning British audience.

Where Gareth Bonello, under the guise of The Gentle Good, differs from Colin MacIntyre (aka Mull Historical Society) is in his style, choosing a delicate folk blend of finger-picking guitar, cello and harp that doesn’t quite match MacIntyre’s power pop tendencies. (more…)

Jesse Malin – Mercury Retrograde: Live in New York City

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Jesse Malin – Mercury Retrograde: Live in New York City

It’s a harsh question to ask, but just what is the point of this album? And more significantly what is the point of Jesse Malin? Surely the world has enough male singer-songwriters, with a touch of whisky in their voice and a flaccid opinion of Western government eager to be got off their chest? And there’s probably (actually make that ‘definitely’) a good few better than Jesse Malin with their own derivative live albums to flog. (more…)

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart– Everything With You

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The Pains of Being Pure at HeartEverything With You

It’s near irrelevant for any modern indie guitar band to cite The Smiths as an influence. If your guitars dare to jangle, we know you’ve listened to Johnny Marr. New York’s The Pains of Being Pure at Heart are no different in their early inspirations (at least according to their press release), and there are certainly shimmers of Hatful of Hollow electric intricacy. But there’s so much more on offer here than lazy stereotyping.

Past the picking is a voice reminiscent of a more comprehensible Kevin Shields, produced to be offer a distant omnipotence, as well as excitable drums and discordant undercurrent that would aspire to self-indulgent shoe-gaze were it not for the occasional spark of a welcome riff to offer populist reason.

Not as good as The Smiths of course, but they shouldn’t try to be.


Release Date: 24 Nov

November 9, 2008

Tom Jones – 24 Hours

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Tom JonesTom Jones – 24 Hours

“I’m alive” screams Tom Jones at the start of this, his 27th studio album.  Don’t worry Tom, we didn’t think you were anything less.  Who could ignore a voice like this?

24 Hours marks the legendary Welshman’s continued vigour and vitality first thrusted into your face in the remarkable Reload that saw the beginning of a resurgence into people’s minds and loins. (more…)

November 8, 2008

Pop Lies? – An Interview With Okkervil River

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A brilliant band.

A brilliant band.

Okkervil River are brilliant.  And so is their new album, The Stand-Ins (though it’s not as good as The Stage Names).  I can only imagine their upcoming gig in Glasgow this Sunday is equally brilliant, so I do recommend you head along.  In the meantime though, here’s a little e-mail interview I did with singer/songwriter/guitarist Will Sheff that you can enjoy.  (more…)

November 4, 2008

Burn After Reading – Film and Quin

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Forget after watching?

Forget after watching?

Burn After Reading – a review by David Quin, age 21 and 4/6.

About half way through Burn After Reading, Joel and Ethan Coen’s new comedy spy thriller, a character dies. Now characters die all the time in movies, especially the Coens’. But there’s something different about this one – it’s an explicit slap in the face for the audience, the death of one of the film’s most engaging characters.

It would be ungrateful to complain about a film willing to wrong-foot the audience, to betray them like this. After all, it’s a move which would feel shocking even in the chic nihilism of films like The Dark Knight, which still, by their climaxes, pat our heads and tell us that everything will be fine in the end, when, in truth, things rarely are. It’s a wonderful feeling as an audience member, to have the rug pulled out from under you. Which makes it all the more frustrating that the film, as a whole, feels substantially undercooked. (more…)

It’s Only Words

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It’s Only Words

Take a stroll through Prince’s Street gardens in Edinburgh right now and you’ll find a thought-provoking distraction from the high-street hustle that torments the centre of Scotland’s capital. In the shadow of a castle that’s dominated the skyline for centuries, and along a path full of tourists celebrating that rare urban greenery, stands an art exhibit which asks more questions of the world than any politician seems to be doing right now.

Hard Rain by Mark Edwards details, with alarming clarity, the terrible truths of a world corrupted by man with a series of photos designed to engage the casual passer-by and illuminate an ignorance that perpetuates in the public mind. And stringing all these images together in a cohesive poignancy, struggling to make sense of this mess? Not the words of King or Kennedy, as renowned as they may be. Nor indeed Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha or any other icon of God’s answer. (more…)

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