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December 23, 2008

Top 30 Singles of 2008

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It wasn’t quite the beautiful year in music as have been had in the past (1966, 1989, 2000, 2005, 1314), but there were some undeniable moments of ear heaven in there for us all to enjoy.  Except cynics.  And the deaf.  And deaf cynics.  Bastards!  They should be making the most of what they do have rather than resenting the world for their ailments.

Anyhow, there were indeed so many of these lovely moments of sound that instead of the usual 10/20/25 singles of the year other music blogs are giving you, I’m letting you in on 30 of the blighters!  In reverse order of goodness and everything.

There aren’t too many surprises, so I apologise for that if you’re some indie sort who favours obscurity over quality.  These 30 are all nice and lovely all the same.  And yes, I do know Razorlight are in there.

I’ve also not tried to include too many that shall also appear in my upcoming top 20 albums of the year in my next post, just for some variety you know.  Without further ado, adon’t or amaybe, here’s 30 reasons for you to enjoy life.


30. Razorlight Wire to Wire
Yes, Johnny’s a cock, but that doesn’t stop him being a songwrite of moderate quality.  This was really quite great though, even if it copied much from A Horse With No Name.  Favourite YouTube Comment: “luv dis song my fave razorlight song.”  Mn 2, u twnt!!!

29. Moldy PeachesAnyone Else but You
I still dont understand any rationale behind a dislike of the quite brilliant Juno, and this was one of the main reasons for such adoration.  Sweet in every way.  Favourite YouTube Comment: “fantasztikus,és kurva igaz!!:S csak nem mindig jól végzősik:(:'(.”  Exactly.

28. Girls AloudThe Promise
Another pop joy from Nadine and the other non-attractive ones.  This generation’s great singles band?  Probs.  Favourite YouTube Comment: “that ginger one is sooo fuckin ugly man whiter than a milk bottle.”  Yep.

27. Lupe FiascoSuperstar
The first song I thought was brilliant after a very miserable return from New York.  Favourite YouTube Comment: “FUCK MILEY CYRUS DIS SONG FUCKIN RCKS.”  Poor Miley.

26. Johnny ForeignerSalt, Pepa and Spinderella
Like Pretty Girls Make Graves decided to be from Birmingham and then forget that unfortunate fact to be a bright, spiky and indie-popping as possible.  Favourite YouTube Comment: “good song but the graphics sucked! 4 stars from me.”  NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

25. Annie I Know Your Girlfriend Hates Me
Still nowhere near as popular as a pop artist should be.  This was chocolate flavoured chewing gum.  Favourite YouTube Comment: “I dno why buh everytime i hear this song I think of marshmallows lol i think its because her voice is very light and smooth and kinda bouncy and soft and its kinda like a marshmallow. OH BUM THAT WAS VERY RANDOM WERN’T IT ;( LOL help mee anyway WICKED SONG AND VIDEO LOVE IT :D.”  What a confusing fellow.

24. David Byrne and Brian EnoStrange Overtones
Two proper legends, and one properly fantastic track, from a properly okay album.  Proper.  Favourite YouTube Comment:  They’re fans are too intelligent for YouTube to throw up any funnies.

23. Frightened Rabbit The Modern Leper
I saw them 3 times this year, and this proved spectacular on each occasion.  The only interesting thing to ever come from Selkirk.  Favourite YouTube Comment:  “I Hope They Dont Go Big Itll Ruin Them Proberly The Only Good Scottish Band OutThe Rest Of Them Are Overated One Of My Favourite Bands There Music Makes Me Smile Some People May Call It Boring But I Would Call It Perfection.  Im Scottish Btw:)”  Aw, bless him.

22. The DodosFools
First heard by me on the terrible Guardian music podcast.  It really is very terrible.  So very ill-informed yet self-satisfied.  Why am I not on it!?!?!?  Great song though.  Like Fleet Foxes, but not as annoyingly hyped.  Favourite YouTube Comment: “
i know the lead singer, i just planned his dad’s 70th birthday…he’ll be here next week…i never heard of this band till the mother told me her son was in a band so i thought i’d check it out…not really my style of music though =\.”  What an interesting little tale.

21. White LiesDeath
Because one Editors wasn’t enough!  It really wasn’t.  Favourite YouTube Comment: “They are really actually good.” Confirmation!

20. PavilionSpoils of War
Ryan Jarman – fine guitarist, song-writer and general funny sort is now a properly fantastic producer.  Superb strings reminiscient of Johnny Boy and My Life Story make this a mini pop epic to cherish.  Favourite YouTube Comment: It’s not on YouTube!!!!!

19. Death Cab For Cutie – I Will Possess Your Heart
DC at their most ominous.  Beguiling really.  Favourite YouTube Comment: “Hey, I am 44 and I love this song!” And I’m 21 and love nothing!

18. Sonny JEnfant Terrible
A punked up French fancy such had not been heard since Ca Plane Pour Mou.  As superb as anything on the under-rated Disastro.  Favourite YouTube Comment: “Hurray it’s on youtube. Great video. Love that the twins look a bit like Celia Imrie.”  And I love Celia Imrie.

17. Kate Perry Hot ‘n’ Cold
Kissed a Girl was uninspired titilation best left in a 14-year-old boy’s head.  This was pop brilliance.  Favourite YouTube Comment: “wait… i thought she was gay?”  I think that every day about every woman ever.

16. TV on the RadioDancing Choose
From their most enjoyable LP yet, this was just as viscious as it was listenable.  Favourite YouTube Comment: “What a fucking idiot. An ugly song? Really? Are you a 12 year old girl or something?” All 12-year-old girls are fucking idiots.

15. Conor Oberst Lenders in the Temple
Free from the expectations of Bright Eyes, this was as cynical and powerful as a man and his guitar can be.  Favourite YouTube Comment: “cassadaga blew”  It did you know.

14. The Incredible Flight of BirdmanWhere I Can’t See You
A soon to be huge Morrissey fronted Joy Division.

13. The Leisure SocietyThe Last of the Melting Snow
Beautiful, plush and contained.

12. Bon IverSkinny Love
Eh?  What’s that?  An achingly beautiful voice and song combination?  It’s very good you say?  Like the best of Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy or something? Okay, I’ll give it a go.  Favourite YouTube Comment:  “CHUCK AND SARAH!”

11. Fleet FoxesWhite Winter Hymnal
You’ve all heard it, so I’ll leave the comments to you.  Favourite YouTube Comment: “I agree. Another great thing about the internet is free speech and voicing opinions, even negative ones.”  Righteous.

10. KeaneThe Lovers are Losing
But Keane are winning, in the fight against not being so rubbish anymore.  They were rubbish, weren’t they?  How did it all change so drastically?  I JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND!!!  Favourite YouTube Comment: “thats a good point actully never really thought of that before.”  We’ll never know what it was.

9. Alesha Dixon The Boy Does Nothing
Even Peter Sutcliffe gets a second chance from old Alesha if he shows off his Foxtrot.  Favourite YouTube Comment: “dya know what, i actually hate the lyrics in this song i could do better.”  But have you?

8. Broken RecordsLies
The most exciting new band I heard all year.  And they’re from Edinburgh!  Oh joys.  Favourite YouTube Comment: “reminds me of led zepp:D.”  It shouldn’t.

7. AlphabeatFascination
Unrivalled for sun-shining charm all year.  Danish things have never been so good.  Favourite YouTube Comment: “are they from this generation or from the 80s?”  Nobody knows.  Alphabeat defy all known concepts of space and time.

6. Detroit Social ClubRivers and Rainbows
Abysmal live, on record they inspire like so very few others.  A terrifying amount of promise in this lot.  Favourite YouTube Comment: “F**KIN WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA”  Mmmm.

5. The Dawn ChorusThe Hope Will Kill Us
Outstandingly rawkus.  If only all maths teachers were this good at rocking blues.  I might have been inspired to take it further and not live in this constant dread of having to be a journalist when I hate people and words and listening and asking and everything.  Favourite YouTube Comment: “you see the lead singer? hes my MATHS TEACHER!! go sir go sir go sir.”  Go sir indeed!

4. MGMTTime to Pretend/Kids
The two songs that made the album interesting.  Ecstatic brilliance on both counts.  Favourite YouTube Comment: “I wet myself when I heard this in concert.”  Disgusting.

3. Sam SparroBlack and Gold
Effortlessly smooth, swish, sexy and Sam Sparro.  A song to unite all ears.  Favourite YouTube Comment:
“cool song but im positive he is gay…”  And I’m positive it doesn’t matter.  Twat.

2. The KillersHuman
No, really.  It’s fantastic.  Properly, amazingly brilliant in a way that The Killers should always have been but never quite were.  Also, the performance at the EMAs – wow!  Favourite YouTube Comment:  “THE GREATEST LIVE OF 2008”  SO ASSURED!!!

1. ElbowOne Day Like This
The ultimate British song of the decade.  This year was theirs, and by golly gosh, they deserved it.


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