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February 17, 2009

The Doledrums – Exposure

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Something I did for The List about the great new Falkirk band, The Doledrums.

The Doledrums– Exposure

Keeping Scotland’s great new music as diverse as possible, to follow the epic orchestra of Broken Records, the shoegaze intensity of Twilight Sad, and shouty passion of Frightened Rabbit comes the sort of gypsy folk of 30s France, taken to the 21st century via the route of intricate 60s rock and roll. And this from Falkirk too. Chances are you’ve seen them support one of your favourite bands on tour in Glasgow, but they’re soon to be headliners themselves. Here’s vocalist Craig Burke on why the country may soon be facing The Doledrums in 2009.

Falkirk’s not renowned for its rock stars. What encouraged you guys into making music?

We get our music tastes from our family and friends. We really all recommend different bands we have just found to each other and our families have always told us about different bands we should check out because we like more of their music that we do of the bands today.

What do you make of the new spate of Scottish bands making their mark on the music scene today?

I think its about time Scottish bands started to get noticed because there are a lot of really good bands out there that nobody knows about but are well worth checking out.

Your songs refreshingly seem to take on more influences than just The Libertines or The Clash like so many identikit bands today. There’s jazz tones, gypsy strut and elements of Django Reinhardt amongst others. Who were your heroes growing up and how have they influenced your music?

We mostly like the same bands like The Doors and The Coral, but we also like different styles of music to each other so we often have two or three different styles of music being played in the one song and that’s good because then our songs sound different to a lot of the bands making music today.

You’ve supported great acts like Glasvegas and Detroit Social Club. Have you learnt anything useful from your time as the opener?

Speaking to the bands we support it reminds us to enjoy what we are doing and to just concentrate on the music we make because at the end of the day thats what people came to hear. They don’t want to hear you playing the same songs over and over for years so we try and mix things up a bit every time we play.

What does 2009 hold for The Doledrums?

We are just about to start our ‘Free the EP Tour’ which covers most of Scotland and also some dates in England. We will be giving our 4 track EP away at our gigs to get more of our music out to people that want to hear it. We are also in talks with some festivals about playing and we will also be going back into the studio at some point to record a single possibly so it should be a good year.

What’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said about you?

When we were supporting a very famous band we were told that we were better than them by about 10 different people in the crowd which was very good to hear and its always good to get feedback from the crowd.

In five words, why should people listen to The Doledrums?

We sound like nobody else.


The Doledrums play the following shows:

Box, Glasgow, 18 Mar; Po Na Na, Edinburgh, 27 Mar.


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