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March 14, 2009

Music News 14/03/09

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Michael, thinking of what could have been.

Michael, thinking of what could have been.

Just when you thought it was all over for good, music news has returned to EML! And contrary to unpopular (to me) belief, the reason for a lack of such news updates is not because of my laziness and the pressure of full-time education, full-time work, traveling to America and watching The Wire. No, it’s because absolutely nothing has happened in the music world these past few months. Nothing! If you think anything did, you imagined it. Probably in vivid detail, with all the beautiful colours and sounds you’d expect, but it didn’t happen. Things are happening now though. Big things. Exciting things. Incandescent things. And so, as is my duty, here are those things in word form. Enjoy!

First up, who else but the King of Pop and Baron of Being a Bit Weird, Michale Jackson. For he has stunned the world by showing us all he’s still alive! And apparently kicking enough to play a ludicrous 50 shows at London’s 02 Arena showcasing a greatest hits collection so good that the millions of taxpayer money that went into building the Millennium Dome may well be worth it. It’s all sold out now of course, with hundreds of thousands tickets going to the lucky sorts who hounded Ticketmaster and its infernal mechanics, before immediately opening a new tab for eBay. Let’s hope he keeps it all together though for all 50 dates, both mentally and facially, and this last bow of one of the greatest artists of all time shall be something to remember for the right reasons. Good luck to the lad.

Next up – according to Reuters, “Chris Cornell’s dance album dismays rock fans”. Fucking hell! Rock fans dismayed! Stop the presses! Open the helplines! Kill Chris Cornell! For former Soundgarden sort and Audioslave annoyance, Cornell, has decided synths are a bit more interesting than a bit of thrash. I don’t really care. All this new music sounds the same to me anyway. I can’t tell the difference between La Roux and… oh I’m so out of touch I can’t think of any hip new young un’s today. Give me Wanda Jackson anytime. Now there’s a gal who could fiddle my fretboard. Or her own. That would be better actually. Easier to play.

Finally, the mop-topped and mop-bottomed Jonas Brothers have announced dates for their world tour. The world is busy.


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