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March 19, 2009

News – 18/03/09

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So what to talk about in this edition of music news? Brian Wilson mauling a pigeon? Lolly’s comeback? 50 Cent’s album of Gil-Scott Heron covers? No! None of these things, because none of these things happened! Not one. And if you think one did, you’re crazy. Crazy like a Fritzl. Anyway, here are some things that did happen, plus some amusing comments to go along with them. How about that? Yeah, I thought you’d be happy.

A photograph of the incident

A photograph of the incident

First up – our old friend and Chris Brown defender, Kanye West, has been getting up to some violence of his own. Instead of diminutive r’n’b rain-haters though, it’s been those dastardly fiends the paparazzi he’s been sprawling with. The incident, which occurred on September 11th 2008 (a date now forever to be remembered by all such needless violence) saw Mr. West ALLEGEDLY wrestle away a camera light from some dude taking pictures, and then smash it into the ground. Rappers can be very clumsy. This week has seen him charged with battery, theft and vandalism – vicious deeds which could land him two and a half years behind bars in the clunky slamhouse of justiceville. According to Reuter’s teetering base in the inverted pyramid of newsworthiness, “cable channel MTV last year named West the hottest rap “MC” in the hip-hop world.” For my base, I declare a hankering for some Wotsits.

In other nnnneeeeeeeeeewssssssssss involving music people and places and things and thoughts. A chemical toilet outside Bob Dylan’s house has drawn complaints from neighbours who don’t the like the smell. Cue many a ‘blowing in the wind’ headline. I’m going to be more inventive, and suggest “Stuck Inside A Mobile Toilet With The Smell of Poop Again”, “Buckets of Poop”, “A Hard Poop’s Gonna Come”, “Like A Rolling Poop”, “Poop of a Thin Man” and many, many other variations. Yeah, take that tabloids!

I’m done. More on Saturday or Sunday.


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