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March 20, 2009

The Hours – See the Light

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The Hours – See the Light

They’re debut album threatened to establish Anthony Genn and Martin Slattery as stars in their right, after years as the nomads of British music, playing with everyone from Black Grape to Elastica, via Pulp and the legendary Joe Strummer as part of The Mescaleros. It had the quality you’d expect from such esteemed professionals, but it sadly never took off in the way it perhaps deserved.

This, their second album, even more powerful and dynamic than the first, is their chance to address that issue, as the world wakes up to see the light, and to hear The Hours.

They wouldn’t be disappointed too. This is another brilliant trail through simple, smart songwriting, unafraid to let the piano do the talking as Genn on vocals does the shouting. Recorded live by Flood, there’s a rawness that re-enforces a passion that manifests itself through its themes of loving people, loving music, and, well, what else matters?

In a music industry where artists are exerting every cubit of what imagination they have to think of new ways to sound, write, record and distribute, the power of a good song, sung with tenacity and viscera can be overlooked. That’s what The Hours have been, that’s what The Hours are, and, I imagine, that’s what they’ll always, and ever want to, be.


Release Date: 20 Apr


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