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March 21, 2009

Health Q and A

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Lads and colours

Lads and colours

Health are excellent, young electro-pop-rocking sorts from L.A. who make bright, confusing music.  Here are some words I had with John, who does the odd bit of shouting, singing and guitaring.  Listen to them!

You’re coming to Scotland to play Glasgow in April.  Are you looking
forward to it?

Yes.  Love being in Scotland.

How are you all coping with touring the world?
Coping?  Shit is FUN son!

Your debut album received pretty much universal praise from critics
everywhere.  Just how proud were you of its creation, and did you
expect such a positive reaction?

We were extremely surprised that we got such a positive reaction to
that record, so many things on there we thought would turn critics off
immediately.  Im still surprised.

Your music seems to be a mix of every idea you guys have in your head.
How do you go about putting that on record?

Recording…is miserable.  But the ideas are in the songs, realizing
the songs and everything that comes with it…is a killer.

What do you want your audience to get from listening to your music?
Your lyrics don’t seem to have the same gravitas as some of your

I would argue we have more gravitas.  Our lyrics and music are very

You’re from L.A.  How healthy is the city’s music scene at the moment?
Very.  Though I haven’t been around much.  Still tons of shows, new
venues, new bands.

How has the city affected your music?
Mostly the scene that has had an effect on us, the support, not the
music.  Also LA is very accommodating “service-wise” for a band, practice
spaces etc.  Its nice.

The mantra “you will love each other” seems to be everywhere on your
website and merchandise.  How importantly do you want your audience to
take that message?

As important as you take the Grateful Dead’s Steal Your Face, or Black
Flag’s black bars.

In five words, why should people listen to HEALTH?
You Have To Rock Sometime

Health play Glasgow Stereo on April 19th.  I’d go.


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