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March 24, 2009

NMS Interview

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nmsInterview with Big Dada’s NMS for my dissertation.  Interesting young man.

What process do you go through when writing a hip-hop song?
Like any established artist, I want to give the base something familiar, fun, cutting edge-experimental, rough lol, and of course conscious.
Social political topics are decided by the urgency, relevance of message or it’s lack of media penetration. I like touching issues no one wants to deal with openly. As with a dissertation, loads of research and fact checking goes into the song. Each source has to be verified as best as possible. Yet not to extreme lengths as it’s mostly only an artistic interpreting of  events.
What is the primary purpose of hip-hop music?
Its primary purpose is as a form of cultural entertainment. Along the way it has been attributed to a perplexing slew of social norms both good and bad. As reached its first reflective stage it was perhaps aptly labeled a form of edutainment,
What kind of message do you want your audience to take from your songs?
I give light to the vital issues and always in a trailblazing way. Hindsight will show I had an antiwar album out before the war began, called the financial melt-down down 2 years before the crash. Covered population control, continuity of government, 9/11 inside job  and AIDS as a bio weapon. When most artists are challenged by their fashion direction.

What kind of message do you think the media portrays hip-hop music as offering?
There have been many over the past 30 years, from mimicry, exploitation, adoration, to aberration. That’s a long time and allot of coverage.
Its no longer new… yet still steady evolving.
What issues or events, if any, have been brought to light to you through hip-hop music?
For me, not much i’m usually aware of events before they take place musically. Usually I try to bring it to the heads first. Negative social issues there have been a few disturbing wide spread trends like everyone is a drug dealer and blatant obstentation. Reflective of the condition of all the urban center globally. Complete lack of responsibility on every ones part at all levels.

How has hip-hop music changed since 1988 when Chuck D first said ‘hip
hop was the black CNN’?
The recording industry has gone out of it’s way to steer clear of promoting conscious based music, because of this, new artists don’t even attempt it. It’s trend based and the most popular trend is to party on…..

What, to you, is the role of the journalist?
There’s obviously many variants.Which one? In the classical hack sense it’s to properly research and report on the issue assigned no matter the outcome and to write an unbiased account of the facts. Who What When Where Why….But who are we fooling? Journalism now is in the hands of the people who maybe are better equipped to maintaining an open position rather than a  certain line. With less conflicts of interest to deal with. Favoritism and promotion of all art is wonderful as long as it’s honest personal experience.
How do you feel about the role of a hip-hop artist being compared to
the role of a journalist?
Traditionally I thinks its fine. if unbiased and true.  The blogging culture if left unmolested will help rather than hinder. It’s like the Rock Band, you may hate the game but one you play it you understand how many young people will be raised on it and its use as a sharing and learning tool.

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