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March 24, 2009

Speech Debelle Interview

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A few words from Speech Debelle, a very interesting young hip-hop star who has helped me out by answering a few questions for my dissertation

What process do you go through when writing a hip-hop song?
Sometimes I write the song first, it would start with a couple of lines I have freestyled that I then put to paper. I might do like 1 or 2 verses with a chous then wait for the right peice of music or work with a producer or musicians to create it. Other times I hear the music first and start writing. Both have there pro’s and con’s, If I write the words first they will be more skillfull with similes, repetition and that but if I hear the music first it will have more flow and cadence.

What is the primary purpose of hip-hop music?
I have no idea, I was born in 1983 in London! I cant talk about what I dont know confidently. The primary purpose of hip hop in my life is expression and skill.
What kind of message do you want your audience to take from your songs?
probably growth, thats what I write about. I write in hindsight, in reflection.
What kind of message do you think the media portrays hip-hop music as offering?
I think the media use hip hop as a way of insulting and making scape goats out of young and especially young black people. At the same time because of this it makes those same young people feel even more a part of the something together.
What issues or events, if any, have been brought to light to you
through hip-hop music?
Honestly…sex! I remember hearing Lil Kim’s “Hardcore” album for the first time with my friend when I was like 14..they didnt teach us anything like that in sex education!!
How has hip-hop music changed since 1988 when Chuck D first said ‘hip
hop was the black CNN’?
Its become pop from what I have seen. Thats business though, if something becomes popular even amongst a small group of people big companys buy it and reproduce it on a mass scale. That would be very hard to do even with good intentions without dilutting it.
What, to you, is the role of the journalist?
To convey facts or to tell people their opinions on things. As long as they dont blend the too, they are very relevant.
How do you feel about the role of a hip-hop artist being compared to
the role of a journalist?
Its both similar..both have a lot to say. An mc drops there 2 pence in on music so it has extra force behind. When the words are with music the energy is lot stronger an instance so a mc gets more credit for what they do but under the surface there pretty much the same thing!

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