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April 13, 2009

Burn the Negative – In the Atmosphere

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Burn the Negative – In the Atmosphere

The latest new wave electro pop whatever sorts turn out to be just as dull and tedious as 90% of their peers. Lacking the ethereal sparkle of Empire of the Sun or the distinct, sweet vocals of La Roux, Burn the Negative plod along with wispy lyrics of Camden and whatever else is cool among young people these days – hopscotch and Frisbee probably.  It’s very hard for anything said to sink in though, and you’re far more likely to remember your experiences in the womb than anything on offer here.

They aim for the epic start with building electronics, but they lack a peak from which beautiful sights reward the climb. Instead, there’s only disjointedness, as a very amateur construction makes it all seem like a stumbled stroll through some grotty side street of north London.

It’s a theme continued throughout a record that never lives up to the prestige of the Abbey Road Studios it was recorded in. They may have their synths, their basslines and their drum machines, but they lack the imagination that makes these ingredients worthwhile.

It’s their genre’s defining year, and Burn the Negative seem to have gone out of their way to make it as pointless as possible.


Release Date: 27 Apr


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