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April 26, 2009

Pink Mountaintops – Outside Love

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pinkmountaintopsPink Mountaintops – Outside Love

Stephen McBean takes yet another break from the brilliantly dirty Black Mountain to give us this third effort from Pink Mountaintops, who wipe the diesel off the blues of his regular band, and kiss it better. Well, slightly. These are still the words of damaged goods, twisting hate and lust, with epic, skyscraping accompaniment. Pink Mountaintops really is the perfect name for this band.

It really is all quite outstanding though. Axis: Thrones of Love lures you in, floating in a head of confused romance, with McBean’s own coarse tones against the feminine softness of Amber Webber, a voice kept sublime through the record.

And as these two distinct voices duel, so does the distortion with the clean, the chaos with the comfort. Execution and The Gayest of Sunbeams turn up the gain and hit the effects pedal, taking the listener into the sweet territory of My Bloody Valentine. But While You Were Dreaming and And I Thank You are the delicate fodder, going from this shoegaze to Ryan Adams folk. It’s coming down from the mountaintops and back to the ranch.

This record is a journey. There are plains and plateaus, peaks and troughs, and all of it so beautiful, you can’t help but just take a minute to let it be all you can think about.


Release Date: 04 May


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