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June 13, 2009

Slow Club – Yeah So

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Yeah So (med)Slow Club – Yeah So

At last, the Sheffield boy/girl duo release a debut album to showcase a sweet British folk pop only toyed with before on a couple of a singles and a joyful EP, yet now fully fleshed over 12 songs, 45 minutes and countless moments that will make you smile.

The title suggests an apathetic disdain for the craft – an understandable thought perhaps in a music industry now so clogged with replicants at the mercy of a media so susceptible to hype, yet so cruel and quick to forget.

Slow Club don’t create the sort of music to fit so neatly into such a process though – their unpretentious hark back to England’s green and pleasant hills via Guthrie’s dusty midwest and Belle and Sebastian’s co-ed summer camp is unlikely to prick the bubble surrounding many of the British public’s mindsets, but for those who do find a pass for this club, it’s not a sound you’ll forget.

There’s the picked pleasure of ‘Dance Till the Morning Light’, the pure jaunt of ‘Trophy Room’ and the storming wagon train of ‘It Doesn’t Have to Be Beautiful‘, and all with the notion of a band all too aware of the mechanisms around them and the need for genuine emotion to mean more than a magazine cover and a fancy suit.

It may not make a mark on the charts, but this Slow Club has small but refined guest list caring more for quality than the crowds. Yes please for ‘Yeah So’.


Release Date: 6 Jul


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