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July 14, 2009

Darker My Love – 2

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darker my loveDarker My Love – 2

Too often overlooked, a killer rhythm section can be the force that turns a band of casual melodies and basic words into an addictive essential. And the pistons keeping this machine running on the LA drone rockers second album are as mechanical as they are tormenting, keeping each beat tight with an underlying aggression.

So the essential bread in this shoegaze sandwich is a quality make, all healthy in its wholemeal goodness. The filling though seems to be nothing more than own-brand cottage cheese, and without any of that delicious pineapple that you sometimes get – it’s good isn’t it?

What’s on offer here are sub My Bloody Valentine psychedelic riffs, teasing the tedium out of every note, and vocals so frail and close to nothing as to be mind-workings of Elizabeth Taylor. It’s dull, it’s asinine and it’s a shame such a sound foundation is left to last only as a catacomb, with a surface so barren and unnoticeable.

Bands like Glasvegas and Pink Mountaintops have found a way to take such a potentially dull genre and add style, class and passion to proceedings. Darker My Love haven’t. And nor have they attempted to. Let’s hope there won’t be a 3.


Release Date: 03 Aug


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