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October 14, 2009

Civet – Q & A

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Q & A

So bloody hot

So bloody hot

A civet is a “small, lithe-bodied, mostly arboreal mammals native to the tropics of Africa and Asia.” They are also a remarkably kick-ass all female punk-rock group from Los Angeles, sounding like the bastard offspring of Dropkick Murphy’s and Boudicca. But who’s more fun to go out drinking with? Regardless, you’ll get a better live show from the latter – born with an attitude to entertain. Here’s what lead vocalist and guitarist, Liza Graves (she was never going to be the next Britney) had to say to EML.

What’s the background behind Civet? Who’s involved and when did you all get together?
The band started just as I was getting out of high school. I wanted to fill the void I saw in music because there totally weren’t any good, hard girl bands in the scene. As soon as my sister (Suzi Homewrecker) was old enough I showed her how to play guitar and brought here into the band…..Jacq (bass) and Roxie (drums) came shortly after and the rest is rock n’ roll history!!

Was music always what you wanted to get into to?
I’ve always loved entertainment in general….I used to do a little bit of acting as a child etc…I think that music and fronting a band was kind of a natural progression since I loved music so much! With music the possibilities are endless….you can collaborate and there’s different film and recording opportunities!

You seem like the sort of band who just wants to have a good time. Is that what you want people to take from your music?

We are definitely a band that loves to have fun, but at the same time we find that our fans really are inspired by us because we are girls, or because we are tough and tour a lot…we are one of the hardest working girl bands I’ve EVER seen…I think we are many things to many different people, and we love that!
What’s the most fun you’ve had as a band so far?
Touring Japan was amazing and a ton of fun, so was our last European tour….when you just show up and play with no responsibility, that’s the best as an artist…We are looking forward to an amazing time in Europe with the Street Dogs, because both our bands enjoy drinking….a lot!

What else is there for you to try?

We are working on a new record! We would love to continue to tour with bands we grew up loving (i.e. Dropkick Murphy’s and Social Distortion)…we just want to get bigger and better all the time!
You’re on your way for a European tour soon. What can we expect, and how excited are you guys?
We are soooo excited!!!! We’ve done a tour with our labelmates Street Dogs in Japan and they are a blast to tour with! You guys can expect a great show from us! Come out and support punk rock and roll!

What’s the nicest response you’ve had to your music?

We’ve played some really great shows in Europe and we love that European fans seem so receptive to our music! Fan mail is the best too! There’s nothing like playing a sold out show to a bunch of fans singing along with you!


Civet play King Tut’s, Glasgow on 1 Nov


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