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October 20, 2009

Top 150 songs of the decade: 150 – 101

I am not mentally ill. I am just tired.

I am not mentally ill. I am just tired.

I’m either early with this, if you’re a sane human being who follows natural chronology, or I’m late if you’re Pitchfork, Pop Tarts Suck Toasted or Pretty Much Amazing, all of whom have perfectly fair and decent orderings of art. Even if R Kelly seems to feature prominently on all of them. This I won’t abide. Thus you won’t find him anywhere near this particular narcissus, nor indeed Missy Elliot who still terrifies my eyes out. Other than that, it’s yet another jolly old round up of the best pop, rock, indie, country, hip-hop, punk and what not about. And yes, I do know McFly are in there.

I should also point out that though I set out with all good intentions of making this a ‘singles’ only thing (as in records, rather than just have very lonely artists) I got lost along the way and just made it ‘songs’, cos we really don’t think ‘War on War‘ is the best song on Yankee Hotel Foxtrot do we? We don’t? Good. Now on with the first batch. And why not have a wee sentence beside each one, giving my opinion on it? And a link to a video so you can form one too? Magic!

Here’s the Spotify playlist too for such handy conveniences. Tops!


150. All SaintsPure Shores
The main reason why they were always my choice over Spice Girls for best girl band from those horrible, horrible days when ‘girl bands’ were a thing.

149. Johnny CashHurt
Better than the original, but that’s obvious. A heartbreaking epic.

148. William ShatnerCommon People
Better than the original, but that’s obvious. A heartbreaking epic. So fucking heartbreaking.

147. Lupe FiascoSuperstar
The first great song of 2008. I think. I was very tired for much of January. I remember liking this though. Or was that a dream? I just don’t know!

146. Eminem – Real Slim Shady
I remember listening to this the only time in my life I have been to Wales. I did not enjoy Wales. I enjoyed this. I can still rap it all too, for I am great.

145. McFly – Transylvania
Multipart pop magic, full of changing styles, tones and instruments, all with one over-riding, medieval story of Anne Boleyn’s doomed lover. It’s like Bohemian Rhapsody except it’s not complete shit. One of the decade’s most inventive songs.

144. Six By SevenBochum (Light Up My Life)
All brooding and dramatic, but we like that don’t we?

143. The Unicorns – I Was Born a Unicorn
Cannot get opening riff out head!

142. Sum 41Fat Lip
Tragic story of being unpopular in high school, and resorting to daft music and kicking things to cope. I enjoyed it.

141. Moldy PeachesAnyone Else But You
If you’re under 25 and don’t like Juno, I really don’t understand you.

140. Mark Lanegan & PJ HarveyHit the City
What’s the city done to you Lanegan, eh?

139. Martha Wainwright – You Cheated Me
She’s done stuff with Snow Patrol. Don’t hold that against her.

138. I’m From Barcelona – We’re From Barcelona
La la la la la la la, and so on.

137. Dawn ChorusThe Hope Will Kill Us
They’re teachers and great. When furious Americana got to Portsmouth.

136. Andrew WKParty Hard
Rubbish cover of the Pulp song – all the lyrics and chords are wrong, and what’s with that melody? Nnnnghh WK, you’re an idiot. It is still a good romp though. This is great too.

135. Antony and the JohnsonsHawp There’s Someone
The only song where his Moby Dick voice really made sense.

134. David BowieEveryone Says Hi
Not the French, Bowie. Not the French. They say ‘salut’.

133. Candie PayneI Wish I Could Have Loved You More
There should be a James Bond film called this just to make this the theme.

132. Broken RecordsSlow Parade
One of a holy trinity of Scot Rock sorts knocking about on this list. Beautiful, innit.

131. Guillemots – Trains to Brazil
I once had a flag that said ‘Guillemots Are Ace’. I would never have a flag that lied.

130. Green Day – Minority
Because it’s agreeable nonsense, unlike their pained pretension now.

129. Jimmy Eat World The Middle
Probably the best thing to come from punk pop. Nice message too in there somewhere.

128. Little OnesLovers Who Uncover
Should have been huge. Wasn’t. I blame terrorists and gays. Not gay terrorists though. They are okay.

127. Wheatus – Teenage Dirtbag
I used to dream of going on Stars in Their Eyes and doing this. No, really. I can do yer man’s voice to a Mr. T.

126. Okkervil RiverWestfall
All about murdering young girls. Yeah!

125. Frightened RabbitModern leper
Second in the holy trinity of Scot Rock sorts. The second best ones too. I once saw Scott at a bus stop in West Linton. It was freakin’ weird.

124. Dizzee Rascal Fix Up Look Sharp
Before he became a cock.

123. The Go! TeamBottle Rocket
Fuck, I forgot how fun this was. This was my ‘boxing’ song when I had a punch bag.

122. Bloc PartyThis Modern Love
Rest of album was iffy, this was fab.

121. Alphabeat Fascination
Wonky pop is a term to make you kill a tramp. This is mega though. Mega like a tron.

120. Katy PerryHot N Cold
I Kissed a Girl was rubbish. This wasn’t.

119. Junior Senior – Move Your Feet
Were they Swedish? Or Danish? I forget. They made me happy though, in a Spongebob way.

118. Hot Puppies Green Eyeliner
Hot puppies, hot tunes.

117. Arctic Monkeys Fluorescent Adolescent
The best moment from album number two. And a continuation of smart lyrics and imaginative music.

116. Belle and Seabastian I’m A Cuckoo
Not annoying. At all. Or maybe after a few hundred listens. But it’s a good journey to get there.

115. Jay Z 99 Problems
The guitar bit on this is better than anything Noel Gallagher has ever done.

114. Spiller (with Sophie Ellis-Bextor) – Groovejet (If This Aint Love)
Just for keeping Posh Spice off number one. Though I remember she was number one on the Saturday and thus picked up the CD:UK number one award. This is a pointless accolade. Also props for launching Bextor’s lovely face.

113. The MaybesTrick of the Light
The best Scouse ballad since The La’s.

112. Sleepy JacksonI Understand What You Want, I Just Don’t Agree
Two brilliant albums, and a creepy side project. But this was Luke Steele’s best moment.

111. Aesop RockDaylight
Hip-hop for the white middle-class gent.

110. Avril Lavigne Complicated
This was all over everywhere when I was in America once. I liked it then. I like it now.

109. The Decemberists – The Crane Wife 3
Fantastic group, and great song about birds and Japanese scary shit and that.

108. The Delgados – All You Need is Hate
My anthem of the decade.

107. Northern StateIgnite
Something for the female, middle-class hip-hop liker. All dark and spooky shenanigans too.

106. Muse – Starlight
I really don’t like Muse. At all. All tortured and pathetic in their extravagance, and having that hold on teenagers who apparently haven’t heard any other music ever in proclaiming this lot as the best of all time. This is nice though.

105. Girls AloudSound of the Underground
Best thing reality TV has given us.

104. The Hold Steady Your Little Hoodrat Friend
I sing this a lot now around the house and in the street and in shops and in restaurants and in schools and in hospitals and in fairgrounds and in parks and in gardens and in libraries and on ships. I sing it a lot.

103. Feist – 1234
I do love that video.

102. Dashboard Confessional The Secret’s in the Telling
Time to get all emo! Yay! Someone put this on a compilation for me. I resented this. Until I listened to it and realised it was fantastic.

101. Bright EyesFirst Day of My Life
And we end with one of the stars of the century. Just nice.

More tomorrow folks! Probably 100-75.


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