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October 21, 2009

Top 150 Songs of the Decade: 100 – 76

I am still not mentally ill. Photoshop isn't working.

I am still not mentally ill. Photoshop isn't working.

And so we carry on counting down the very best song efforts this decade (and indeed millennium) has thrown up so far. Not literally thrown up. That would be horrible. You’d have Brandon Flowers covered in day old carrot and soup. Do we want that? Some of us certainly, but not the moral majority. Oh, they do too. Okay then, vomit away.

ON WE GO! And remember the SPOTIFY PLAYLIST.

100. Ms Dynamite –  It Takes More
Now in some unfortunate music obscurity, resorting to punching police officers and appearing on reality shows about cooking for the devil or something, Ms Dynamite was once a Mercury winning artist. And this is probably the best example of why so.

99. Arcade Fire –  Neighbourhood #1 (Tunnels)
The first notes most of the world would hear from one of the decade’s true phenomena. It all went a bit wrong on Neon Bible, but this just sounds so exciting, fresh – heralding a new wave of epic orchestral rock that told us that pop should be loud, impressive, dynamic, and just, well, awesome.

98. I Monster –  Daydream in Blue
Unfortunately co-inciding with a Beta Band song which sampled the same original track, it became quite frustrating concentrating on the trippy bliss this song offered in abundance. This is the one that won me over though. It’s not on Spotify however, so you’ll have to make do with the Beta Band song. It’s still good though.

97. Britney –  Toxic
Her best song released just as she went all full blown crazy. Forget about that though, and just watch the sexy, sexy video and do a little dance or something. Feel the shame later.

96. Camera Obscura  – Lloyd, I’m Ready To Be Heartbroken
A response to Lloyd Cole’s questioning, this rebuttal remains the superior effort – all perfect pop with joy and satire, and all with an amazing video too.

95. MGMT –  Time to Pretend
Their ultra cool New York electro pop swagger didn’t last a whole album, but for the occasional tune, they were untouchable in 2008. Expect another one from these lot higher up.

94. Dixie Chicks  – Not Ready to Make Nice
For the bravery involved more than anything. A country band criticising a US president was never going to end happily, but this response was dignified and suitably unapologetic. Go chicks!

93. The Feeling –  Love It When You Call
Second album was balls, and their appearance on a car dashboard was just terrifying. For three minutes of the decade though, Dan Gillespie-Sells was one of the nation’s greatest pop writers.

92. The Killers –  Human
Ignoring the generally pathetic attempts to satirise its lyrical content (when a quick google shows a happy explanation), this was powerful pop that saw the band return to a form lost on their disappointing second album.

91. Scissor Sisters –  Take Your Mama
It just makes you feel like a queen, sugar!

90. New Pornographers –  Sing Me Spanish Techno
Tied with McLusky for ultimate singles band of the decade, this particular Canadian supergroup put all their talents in this most danceable effort.

89. Hyper Kinako –  Don’t Delete My Frog
Because it’s insane really. And that’s a good thing. Unless you are holding a child.

88. Lady Sovereign  – So Human
I’m sure many will see this as sacrilege. I don’t care. I really don’t. No-one should, and if you do, you shouldn’t listen to music. Also, she iz well fit, innit?

87. Dan Le Sac –  Thou Shalt Always Kill
I can’t help but thinkg this was loved by far too many people it referenced. Nevertheless, this was perfect social commentary, and an addictive (though not repetitive, nor generic) groove.

86. Bruce Springsteen  – Devils and Dust
Getting all acoustic, this was a wonderful lament for the US soldier – relevant and unpatronising. The perfect 21st century comment on conflict.

85. Bon Iver –  Skinny Love
Bon Iver surprised everyone by locking himself in a cabin and not furiously masturbating his time away. I’m glad he didn’t.

84. Elbow  – Newborn
Seems to confuse and scare many Elbow newcomers after their new found fame. This was marvellous though. And is there a more unsettling opening line?

83. Fleet Foxes  – White Winter Hymnal
A whole album proved too much to bear for these folksome tones, but it was worth the trawl for this.

82. Robyn  – With Every Heartbeat
Numerous fantastic singles. NUMEROUS! This was the best though.

81. Polyphonic Spree –  Soldier Girl
So very close to looking like a KKK convention, they thankfully concentrate on making floaty light joy rather than being dicks.

80. Modest Mouse –  Float On
The first MM song I ever heard. And the start of a very vigorous and disturbing love affair that has seen me do many things I am not proud of. I’m proud of liking this though.

79. LCD Soundsytem –  North American Scum
I resented them for the longest time. I forget why. This one makes me laugh.

78. Annie  – Chewing Gum
Still not a Kylie-esque mega pop star. This is stupid.

77. Coldplay  – Clocks
Overplayed like Asian porn, but still gets me. Honestly.

76. Morrissey  – First of the Gang to Die
The start of a mighty comeback. Well, we thought it was. One very good album, a couple of rubbishy ones and some pointless collections isn’t enough though. Let’s just go back to 2004.


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