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October 22, 2009

Top 150 Songs of the Decade: 75 – 51

I'm still not mentally ill. I just like the way this looks now.

I'm still not mentally ill. I just like the way this looks now.

Like Bill O’Reilly’s heart, this list just keeps on going, regardless of how many people want it to stop. It won’t. Never. Or until I get to the number one. Whatever comes first. Probably the latter. It makes a lot more sense.



75. The Coral –  Dreaming of You
Cos it still makes me dance about.

74. Sonny J –  Can’t Stop Moving
So does this actually. But slightly harder and for slightly longer and with slightly more grace. Thus, a slightly higher placing.

73. White Stripes –  Hotel Yorba
The only Stripes song I’ve ever really got. It’s the simplicity more than anything. Stuff like Seven Nation Army is just overblown. This mentioned porches somewhere. That’s what I want in my music.

72. Vampire Weekend –  A Punk
No porches here, but lots of money from Channel 4. Heard on their youth programming more times than the words ‘that’s gnarly dude.’ And we know how young people love to say ‘that’s gnarly dude.’

71. TV on the Radio –  Wolf Like Me
My first exposure to these fantastic sounds, and still a masterpiece in driving, experimental indie. Logic prevails indeed.

70. McLusky –  Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues
Deserving a place for its title as much as anything, but so much more than some silly juvenile punk romp. Or maybe not. It’s still great though.

69. Liam Frost and the Slowdown Family –  Mourners of St Pauls
A lovely ode to a dead father. I won’t make a joke here.

68. Justice  – D.A.N.C.E
They are French and full of ideas on how to make our bodies move. They mastered it on this.

67. Futureheads –  Hounds of Love
Cos it’s a cover that does so much more than the original.

66. Outkast –  B.O.B
Only got into this recently, but it’s quickly become a standard on my ‘go to’ list of stuff I’ll pick when I don’t know what to listen to. May have been higher if I was exposed earlier.

65. Peter Bjorn and John –  Young Folks
First heard late night on some VH1 or MTV Channel and managed to stick itself in my head with its simple whistled melody. I still can’t whistle properly. This annoys me.

64. Of Montreal –  The Past is a Grotesque Animal
Very long, but very good. Everything’s in here. Even Joe Absolom.

63. The Shins –  New Slang
I play this a lot when I’m on my guitar. It’s nice to do so. I think I’m better than James Mercer too.

62. Twilight Sad –  Cold Days From the Birdhouse
Scotland’s best band at the moment, innit? Their best song, innit?

61. Alicia Keys –  No One
Nearly ruined for me by some annoying child on Britain’s Got Talent, but still a very special, uplifting piece of modern piano pop, and she really does have a lovely voice. And face. And eyes.

60. The Fall –  Theme From Sparta FC
Spotify’s not letting me play it today for some reason. I’ll go from memory. BA BA  BA BA DOO BE DOO.

59. El Ten Eleven –  My Only Swerving
Is this the highest placed instrumental? I forget. It should be.

58. Bowling for Soup –  1985
I was born two years after 1985. I still get nostalgic for it though. I love heroine.

57. Avalanches –  Since I Left You
This soundtracked much of Final Fantasy VII for me. Glory days.

56. Battles –   Atlas
“Heamogoblin, haemogoblin, haemogoblin, na na na na nah.” That is what he says.

55. Eminem  – Stan
Makes me cry. Actually, it doesn’t and never has and really shouldn’t. It’s nice to hear a story though.

54. Kylie  – Can’t Get You Out of My Head
I remember lots of mirrors.

53. Leona Lewis  – Bleeding Love
Other than being punched in the face, Lewis is also good at singing. This is why.

52. Tilly and the Wall –  Beat Control
Cannot comprehend how this wasn’t the biggest song of 2008. It has everything for everyone.

51. Libertines  – Time For Heroes
I left my baseball cap underneath a table in a restaurant once. It was not because of this song. It is because I can be very absent minded.


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